March 31, 2009

Don't do this: stressed eating & ignoring people!

My next week presentation finally caught me with stress. I worked until 8pm last night; munched too many snacks instead of proper meals; I ignore Star's calls; I ignore my roommate's presence; I didn't call my parents (I hope they read this and forgive me); I couldn't schedule to meet my advisor yet!! BAD BAD BAD!!!! BUT, not everything is lost: I think I'm getting the results from my simulations as I thought I would.. yeah~ that excited me and relieved me somehow. I've been working on coding and simulations for a week now and was getting weird results...but yesterday at 7pm after being all stressed out, my mind did Tic and voila, I found my mistake, such a stupid mistake! It's always like that, that you can be struggling with something for weeks or months and suddenly everything clarifies and you realized what was wrong or what was right! It's such a random process, a faith of luck sometimes. But not always, because if you don't focus on the problem trying to figure it out over and over again, luck will never come!
okay. too much rambling for my too little time for this post!
Let me do a quick recap of yesterdays' random eats.
breakfast: leftover oatmeal that I made on Sunday and didn't have (1/2 c. oats, 1 tbsp flax meal, 1/2 banana, 1/2 c. almond milk, 2 egg whites) topped with ricotta. And a bowl of strawberries.It wasn't satisfying. (so weird, they used to fill me up pretty well). I had two cups of coffee later which made me even more irritable.
AM stress snack: two last cookie from Leng while I was looking at my two computers.Lunch was good: stir fry (the best for a long time!!!) made with firm tofu, broccoli slaw, spinach and mushroom, all seasoned with vinegar, soy sauce, ginger powder, honey, sesame oil and toasted sesame. Together with rice and barley.It was delicious and satisfying. I'll make it again soon! ^_^
Dessert and PM snack: POM jelly! I saw it first in Maggie's blog and loved the idea. So I got agar-agar this time in Argentina and used a bottle of POM to make this cutties. They're so easy to make and soooo good!!! I had like 4 bowls of these.
PM stress snack: 4 bowls of thisricotta with wheat berries. yes, you read it right, 4 bowls!!! INSANE~ But, wait, not only that. I also had a Quaker True Delight and a gigantic banana just an hour later!I felt I needed to chew and devour food in order to think. Have you guys find that chewing helps you to think?
Anyway, all these snacks filled me too much for dinner. So I had a small balanced plate without rice, tofu and miso as late dinner (10pm).What a day~~ I'm seriously considering on cutting back on my work and stress today by going to a yoga class tonight. And of course, eat better! ^_^ I'm stressed out, but I keep my mind positive!


Anonymous said...

aw hun! i really hope you are less stressed by the time you read this comment - i do love your attitude though, and know you can stay positive! lots of good luck for your work, and i'm sure everyone around you understands and forgives you :)

p.s. you did eat some yummy things though ;)

lesley said...

I do the same thing when I'm stressed, girl! I eat too much and yes, eating does seem to help me think when I'm frustrated :s (ha, and that's not a good thing). But I agree ... staying positive is a must!

I hope you DO take a little break and relaxation with yoga!! Sounds like you could use it ; )

Emily said...

Hope you can take a break from research today! It's so stressful!

Looks like you had a lot of good brain food, though! :-)

VeggieGirl said...


Pearl said...

awww coco, i think you should reward yourself by letting your body and mind rest today by relaxing. i'm so proud that you came up with a solution (or figured out why something wasn't working) last night, and that's a big deal, especially since you worked MONTHS on it! take a break, sweetie :)

lauren said...

oh man! hopefully things are better today. try not to stress too much and take breaks to clear your head!

Krista said...

You so need some yoga, girl!

I awlays have candies on hand to keep my mouth busy. That helps to cut back on snacking when I'm not hungry!!

qiao said...

Save some POM jelly for me!

Erin of Care to Eat said...

I'm so sorry about the stress! This is almost over! I hope your presentation goes well - I give mine this Friday and again two weeks later and I'll be thinking of you!
I love the POM jelly!
Take care of yourself - you are the most important thing sweetie.
I chew like 15 pieces of gum a day and it helps me. I always have fum or food in my mouth.

Anonymous said...

I find that lately when I get stressed I drop everything and do a session of power yoga. It'll help calm and relax your mind and body.

All the while, all your eats look yummy.

good luck coco!

Sharon said...

Awh, I really hope all goes well. Hang in there girlie!!!

Aubrey Nicole Lee said...

nice eats you got there ;)

XOXO, aubrey ;)

Wei Tou said...

hehe, hope you feel better today with your simulation result.
No matter what, it will be over, hold on!
don't stress out, it JUST a presentation.

Anonymous said...

Oh man CoCo, I ALWAYS have super munchie days when I have MANY MANY bowls of things like cereal - YES! Crunchy things like you said! The crunching seems to help soothe stress, so I totally agree with your thoughts on this. Don't worry, everyone needs a break from eating SO structured all the time and you definitely didn't overdo it. :)

I hope things aren't as stressful tomorrow CoCo! Remember, it's all in the mind! Don't pressure yourself to make everything absolutely perfect! That is wayyy too much unecessary stress. Take care of yourself and your happiness is always #1!!

Juliet said...

Yes, keep the mind positive! Glad you found your mistake. Pat yourself on the back! I love the pom jellies. They look kind of like salmon. :)

Anonymous said...

oh yeah of course I'll definitely share the progress of the cookbook. I plan to actually post up the book for sale on the blog, but of course not after I hold a contest for it! Well, that's the plan for now. Hoping it'll be soon. crossing fingers. I'm so excited!

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