March 2, 2009

Sunday randomness! And a TRIP!

Since it was another work-free day, I spent my Sunday doing random stuffs: 90 min vinyasa yoga in the morning, groceries, cooking for the week, mini yoga class at home to two friends , and finally the most exciting part of the day was I booked the flight to Argentina on March 12th! Yeah~~~~ I'm going to my Star in 10 days!!! This trip is unexpected because I was almost sure that this spring break I'll stay here and work hard. But as I miss so much my man (only after one month), and working here in my office or working there in his office is pretty much the same, since I only need my mac to work. So, instead of staying here and getting stress out and miss him...what if I work there 8-9 hs a day when he works, and spend the night and weekend together? Such a great idea isn't it?? So, I had this thought on Saturday and I didn't book the ticket right away because I was afraid that it was a impulsive decision. But yesterday I woke up with the same determined idea, so I checked with the professor about the class that I teach and it's okay for me to be away for 2 weeks!!!! Everything checked, I booked the ticket! I'm soooo excited!!! Because when I'm in Argentina, I'm the princess. My Star sends a driver for me to go wherever I want, he takes me to the fanciest restaurant in Buenos Aires, he sends me flowers, chocolates, gifts, and much more!!! He may not seem romantic, but I know he tries hard to make me happy so he does whatever it takes, including being romantic! I'm sorry if I'm boring you or making you too jealous of me (^_^) but I need to spit it out! I don't use to tell him about how I appreciate it him and everything he does for me.. so why not here? the place that I'm ME and just myself (of course you, my true virtual friends).
okay... too much romanticism for the day. Let me get back to yesterday's eats.
Breakfast: a huge bowl of black rice porridge and dry spicy pumpkin. (I was going to have a late lunch)And an apple (forgot to take pic)
After yoga, I went to chinese market and Tj's. I got this flax & hobney Flatbread in Tj's to munchie since I began to feel hungry at 1.30pm and still have to drive back. This flatbread/cracker is soooo good! Very crunchy and the sesame adds the perfect flavor for it. I had 8 crackers while driving.
Lunch at 2.30pm was to finish leftovers: sauteed cauliflower, grilled shrimp and the warm salad.Dessert was chocolates.I cooked for the week and went to my friend Qiao's home to teach her yoga (I gave her a yoga mat as birthday gift) since she wants to get in shape and can't do cardio, so yoga is her solution. It was so fun, I enjoyed a lot teaching her and another friend, both of them are have never practiced yoga, so they were amazed by how hard is yoga.
Back home and had dinner: a new kind of shitake noodle with a stir fry bambu shot, soy strings, edamame, shitake and chinese pinkles.some kabocha fries and sauteed greens.Dessert: ricotta + butternut puree + wheat berries. Again , I had two bowls of this and get a little bloated. (I'm testing my dairy indulgence limit! ^_^)

Today Monday, I can't go to the work because we have snow storm here! I hope I can concentrate and be productive!
oh... some giveaways to check out:
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Whoever wants to participate the Exotic Food Challenge, please tell me what's your preferred format if you haven't yet.


VeggieGirl said...

Enjoy your Monday and all the fun, girl!! :-)

Erica said...

The trip sounds awesome! So glad you decided to just go for will have so much fun ;) Those flatbread sound awesome too- TJs has the BEST products.

Becca said...

What fantastic news! He must be so excited as well!

lesley said...

I'm so excited for you that you're going to take that trip!!! : ) It sounds like a GREAT idea and I'm sure you will not regret it!!! YAY!! : ) : )

ttfn300 said...

WOW, great trip planned!!! :) so exciting! adn thanks for the review of those crackers, I've been tempted, but haven't picked them up yet

Krista said...

So awesome that you planned a trip! I think it's JUST what you need!!! :)

Emily said...

Thanks for linking back to me! I added another entry to the contest for you.
Argentina sounds amazing! I'm so jealous that you are well-traveled. I would really like to go explore the world sometime very soon!

I'm glad you like the Q&A, too!

HangryPants said...

I love your dessert! I've never added ricotta to greains before.

Argentina sounds fun!

Maggie said...

I'm so glad you get to see your star!! You're going to be so happy :) Good luck with testing dairy. It's so good, but makes my stomach feel so bad.

Annie said...

im so glad you're going to see your lovah!! every girl needs to be treated like a princess everyday!

Pearl said...

omgosh it is SOOOO cool that you're going to argentina to see your love! i'm SO excited for you!

that flax + bread looks like a yummy snack!

and i wish you were here to teach me yoga, too :D

Anonymous said...

oooh exotic food challenege sounds ridiculously fun. I MIGHT be interested as long as the ingredient isn't too scary and hard to "manage".

You're so sweet to teach Qiao yoga! Maybe you can open up your own class! And I'm so happy for you to finally get to go see your Star. :) I'm sure he misses you just as much as you miss him. I hear wedding bells already. hahah said...

I keep seeing wheat berries... i really ought to try them

Anonymous said...

THAT'S AMAZING! I love that you're the princess. :) You deserve the royal treatment honey!
I bet you're a GREAT yoga teacher.

just me said...

lurve the chocolates.

and the trip sounds great! it's always a great feeling when you book a trip like that; i felt the same way when i went to australia/nz!

Juliet said...

Yay! I'm so happy for your visit to your boy! :)

qiao said...

Thanks so much for cooking chili soup for me, and teaching me yoga!(Although I wasn't able to follow that much:)

I really start imagining your romantic trip now. Very jealous!

Jen (Running with Food) said...

YAY!! I'm so glad you are going to be with your man soon! You will have a great time, I'm sure!!

I've been eyeing those flatbread crackers at TJ's. They sound really good!

Have a great day!

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