March 1, 2009

Ideas for the Exotic Food Challenge. suggestions needed.

I'm so glad that many of you would like to join me into this challenge despite of no detail about how to do it yet. I have few ideas to how to do it.
  1. Do it like BSI that every 1-2 weeks a host blogger pick up an exotic ingredient and all others blogger submit recipes and the host pick up a winner and send a prize.
  2. Each week a blogger pick up an exotic ingredient/food and everyone can post a recipe in their blogs. This would be no prize and no winner, but just a way to organize us to try new/different things.
  3. A variation of BSI would be that the winner is not picked by the host, but all of you, some kind of voting system.
What do you think? Which format do you prefer? Any other suggestions?
Life is short and we're so used to our habits that sometimes it lacks excitement and impedes us to discover new things. So, let's be adventures in this one!

Okay. Now, about yesterday. I went to a 90min vinayasa mixed level class in the morning and went to see a movie with my buddy at his home in the afternoon. Nothing exciting, but enjoyable! This is how a weekend day supposed to be, right?
What I ate yesterday? oh... for breakfast, I worked on my failed attempt pancake. As I did like a lot the texture of it, I changed its format and made it more like a bread-pudding and baked it. For the mix I used 1/3 c. oat bran, 1/3 c. almond milk, 1/3 c. egg white, 1/3 c. pumpkin, 1/3 c. frozen berries, vanilla/cinnamon, 1 tbsp smooth operator, 1 tbsp agave, 1 tsp baking powder. Sit it for 10 min and bake on 400 F for 15 min.oh.....dear!!!! This is even better than yesterday's. It's like a dessert for breakfast a la Krista. ^_^ Love it! I'll definitely use this method more often, adding varieties to my breakfast (well, part of the challenge is add varieties and get out of the routine, right?)
Before going to yoga class, I had a mun-dies.After yoga class I went to Safeway to buy some stuffs and I found this soft wrap that Juliet@ Yummy, Low Calorie Diet Food reviewed it few months ago. It was $5 for 8 tortillas! I know it's expensive but I couldn't resist it. I munched one while driving back to home for lunch, I like that it's so soft and has many layers. Really good buy!
Lunch: leftover warm salad with some okra and grilled shrimp.Dessert: I had two bowls of thisRicotta + butternut squash puree (Tj's) + wheat berries!!! And 1 bowl of more ricotta and squash.I know 3 bowls were too much for my belly, but I just couldn't resist.. obviously I suffered the consequence later. (I felt bloated for 4 hours! grrrrrr....... I hope next time before I overdo it I can remember that 4 hours!)
Back from movie-date with my buddy, I was hungry so I had my last mun-die before dinner. Dinner: sauteed cauliflower with grilled tofubok choy and black rice porridge.Dessert was again the new combo: frozen strawberries, smooth operator and wheat berries.
I stayed late last night so I had a bowl of fiber 1 before going to bed.That was a MUNCHES day! ^_^ totally enjoyed it!

Question: Which format do you prefer for the Exotic Food Challenge? you can either comment or send me an email with suggestions. And it'd be great if you mention this in your blog. (you know, when more people participate, more fun it is)


VeggieGirl said...

I like the 1-2 week format, since we're all busy bloggers out there :-D

Meg said...

I like the BSI format with everyone voting format!

I LOVE your breakfast! YUM!

Mara @ What's For Dinner? said...

I'm with VG on this one... every couple weeks would be great!

Becca said...

Your breakfast looks really good!

just me said...

ohhh! i love that breakfast! baked pancakes always rock my sicks!

and i think 1-2 weeks is good because everyone seems to be getting busy right now!!!

Sharon said...

Jumping on the 1-2 week thing. I don't often do the BSI, actually, never got around to it, even though I wanted to, because of the short time span. Yes, one week is not enough for me! -lol-

Emily said...

I also like the 1-2 week format.

About Fage: I will have to try the 2%. Do you feel bloated after you eat the 0% or just the 2%? Do you have any other problems with dairy? Since fage is made from cow's milk, it does contain lactose. If it only happens when you eat 2%, it could be the higher fat content.

Krista said...

I'm with VG...1-2 week format....

Thanks for the shout out and that shrimp looks awesome!!

qiao said...

that shrimp really goods great!

Pearl said...

I like the 1-2 week format, too! And what a fantastic idea to do an exotic eats challenge! I think that'll introduce more people to the various delicious food that exists all over the world!

Maggie said...

I like the second option :)

I have that same brown dish that you made breakfast in! Crate and Barrel I think? I got 2 of them on sale.

Sorry about the bloating - ricotta does that to me too. It's just so good :)

Anonymous said...

i can not tell you how amazing your breakfast looks! Next time I pick up oat bran this is the first thing I am trying! simply amazing!

Anonymous said...

Ah! blogger just erased my comment!

I agree with liz, it should be every 1-2 weeks. There are some pretty busy bloggers out that, which I think would like to participate also.

What is BSI?

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