July 24, 2009

What's wrong with me? HELP!

Okay. Something is wrong with my body lately. I've been feeling overly bloated at nights since the beginning of the week and my sleep pattern has been weird. Monday and Tuesday I slept 7.5 and 8.5 respectively, so pretty good. But then W-Th I've been waking up at 4am, not good! And last night I woke up at 2.30am!!! fortunately after a big dose of carbs (two Tj's English Muffins) I went to sleep again. As someone who's trained to establish relationships to everything... my first reaction is that my over-bloadtness is causing me sleeping problems. Does it make sense? But the problem is that I don't know EXACTLY why? I don't know what I'm doing wrong? No Clue! First, I thought it might be the big bowl of kabocha that I've been having as dessert. Okay. Cut that! No help! Second, I jump into the "Raw" and food combining thing yesterday (after reading Natalia Rose's book, read Gena's blog and emails with Maggie) Unfortunately I still felt sickly bloated last night. Really don't know what to do now.
So, let me show you guys what I've been munching a little bit, and help me to find out the mystery.

Thursday: Green Oats with frozen blueberries and ABU. Nothing extraordinary.
Lunch was a big salad made with romaine lettuce, tomatoes, mushrooms, black beans and jicama. Olive and Balsamic.
Snacks were mainly fruits.
Dinner: a sauce made with onions, grounded lean meat, celery and tomato sauce over "noodles" and some steamed broccoli.Dessert: Sea Salt Dark ChocolateFriday: the first day of "Raw" food. In quotes, because as Maggie, I just want to try this to feel better with my belly, I don't want to loose weight and I will focus more on food combining than eating 100% raw.
Breakfast: A navel orange and a big fuji apple. With coffee with almond milk.Lunch: salad made with romaines, mushroom, cucumber, jicama rice and 3 oz. of smoked salmon. Dressing: 1 tbsp of each olive oil and balsamic. Veggie + Flush= Good.
Snack: more fruits in the morning and Amazing Grass Energy Bar, which is raw in the afternoon. And white fungus drink too. Which is mushrooms so I guess it's okay to combine with everything.Dinner: sauteed chinese cabbage with black fungus, mushrooms and spicy si chuan sauce. A big bowl celery oat bran (I used 2/3 cup of oat bran instead of the usual 1/2 cup) and chinese pickles.Dessert: Dark chocolate and dairy free chocolate pudding.Veggie + Starch = Good

So, everything seems pretty normal, right? Any thoughts about what's wrong?
Anyway, I will continue to experiment with this "Raw" combining food thing until next Friday to see if it's really as good as it sounds. I know there are couple of you who are dietitians, I'd love to hear your opinion about raw food and the food combining. Do they make sense at all? And of course, any one of you, who can be considered an amateur dietitian, I'd love to hear from you.


Gina said...

Interesting. How has your goal of "eating less" gone? The only think I can think is that you are eating too much, which can cause bloating. Even if you eat too much in one sitting, or eat too much at night. Do you give yourself at least an hour after you eat before you go to bed? Also, with a raw diet you need to be careful that your body isn't reacting to all that fiber, which can be very high in a raw diet! Be sure to drink PLENTY of water.

Keep us updated.

VeggieGirl said...

Unfortunately, your problem is that you're doing everything that OTHER folks are doing - only do what can work you for, dear. Don't experiment with things just because they're working for others. I HIGHLY recommend that you contact Gena from the "Choosing Raw" blog (her email address is on her blog) for some proper advice.

just me said...

i'e been having the same problem at night time too and i can't figure it out either. i've been cutting out different foods and amounts but nothing. very frustrating, but it looks like you're doing everything ok. hope you figure it out!

Erin said...

I really think that you might want to check in with a doctor instead of copying what other bloggers are trying with raw foods, etc.

Until you know your tummy issues, it's hard to find a fix.

Please try to eat what is normal and healthy for YOU.

Maggie said...

I wish I had an answer for you =/

I do think that food combining might help... but it helped almost immediately for me, so maybe not. Even after weds night I already feel a billion times better after following the food combining for just 2 days again.

I don't necessarily agree with seeing a doctor. YOU are much more in tune with your body than most people and I honestly don't think that dr's can always help in a situation like this.

I would definitely give up the kabocha late at night. When I was eating so much I would wake up every hour and never feel well rested. On weds night (after I binged) I also woke up every single hour. Last night I slept really really deeply and I didn't have anything but 2 squares of dark chocolate after dinner (pork salad from chipotle - i love chipotle).

Have you gone to an acupuncturist/herbalist about your stomach?

annie said...

Maybe you're eating too much of something? I personally think it's too much fiber.

Krista said...

I gotta tell ya hon, I work a sit down job 35hrs a week and I feel bloated, gasy and uncomfortable almost every night. I notice a HUGE improvement when I'm off for a few day. My tummy feels so good that I could cry with happiness. I wonder if your summer job + more sitting down than you're use to = tummy trouble for you, too?

Emily said...

If you haven't changed much about your eating, I guess I'd wonder about your stress levels. I know my GI tract starts to do gymnastics when I'm under stress! I also agree with not eating too much before bed or allowing yourself more time to digest.

As for food combining, I think it does depend on the individual, but some of the principles behind it really make sense.

Hope you feel better soon!

ChickPea said...

I think your breakfast looks quite extraordinary! I love the look of the green and blue.
As a nutritionist-in-training, I have to agree with VeggieGirl here. Eating raw is certainly a healthful lifestyle if done right--AND if it works for your body! Everyone's body is different, so I would proceed with caution in experimenting. Contact a professional like Gena!

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dirtyduck said...

hi, what do you do to your oaties to make them green? the first pic was REALLY green but the next where you said you added celery was not as "vibrant". also with food combining, fruits *should* be eaten alone, only one at a time and never after meals. the "rule" that i think is most important is not eating fruit with a meal(or after one).because fruit after a meal just sits there when i should go right through your system easily. it can create a big prob.and i get lots of ideas from blogs, so i think its ok that you want to try other things

Jen @ keepitsimplefoods said...

Hope you feel better!

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