July 25, 2009

Great Friday: finding the cause and good news! :)

After yesterday's panic I feel needing to write another post as soon as I feel better.... not a little better, MUCH better.
Okay. First of all the analysis of the cause of my recent belly problem. Some reasons that you suggested were part of it
  • Stress level: I'm pretty relaxed lately as you might have noticed. I've been traveling a lot... enjoy myself in some kind of treat every weekend. And the job that I'm doing right now is pretty awesome and I really love it. So, where the stress comes from? Okay. Remember that famous professor of mine who I am co-authoring a paper? She has been ignoring me again during the last two weeks. I emailed her twice and she never replied. Although consciously I told myself: Whatever! But I unconsciously I was pissed off, feeling again ignored and relating it to be a failure.
  • Over eating at night: it could be part of the reason because I barely enjoy what I eat at work, I am always rushing at the morning to fully savor my breakfast, so at night is the only moment that I take time to enjoy the food. And it's hard not to over-eat sometimes.
  • Lastly, I just realized yesterday that the ABU that I've been having went bad... it tastes sour. I didn't realized it because I always had it with oats, but yesterday I tried it by itself and ekkkk.....! I guess that might cause some chemical reaction in my belly.
3 possible reasons and all of them have been solved yesterday. She called me yesterday to tell me that I'm her RA now! Such a good news!!! I asked her to be her RA about 3 months ago and I thought she forgot about it. The advantage of that is NOT have to teach, NOT tight to the academic calender (meaning longer vacations), and lastly have more interaction with her to push our paper.
The other two possible causes are more manageable. I think I did it right because I didn't feel too bloated last night! :)

And a note about my attempt to try "Raw food". I want to clarify that I'm not going RAW, I'll just try the food combining because every article or book that I read about RAW food says to help with IBS. I'm NOT DOING this because someone else told me to, or JUST DO whatever other people is doing. I'm NOT following a trend in the blog world just because everyone is trying, but because it might help my IBS.
That being said, I want to say thanks to everyone who left comment yesterday. Although I felt a little sad that some people judged me following what other people do, I still appreciate your comments because I know you said that because you care about me, you don't want me to try things that might not be appropriate for me or doing it in the wrong way. I really do appreciate that! ^_^

I did continue with the food combining. Maybe that helped me to feel better too.
As I mentioned yesterday, I woke up at 2AM the day before and munchied 2 Muffins, so not much appetite for breakfast. I had a green monster instead: 1.25 cup almond milk, big handful of spinach and a banana.
Packing for lunch and snacks: Orange, frozen strawberries and blueberries, Amazing grass raw bar (full review soon), white fungus drink, salad made with romaine lettuce, tomatoes, jicama rice, black beans, with olive and balsamic.
possible reason for my belly problem: bad ABU
It was so much food that I had to use an additional bag
Dinner was simple: brown rice + sauteed chinese cabbage with mushrooms and miso paste.
Dessert: dark chocolate + steamed sweet potato! YUM~~

This is the last weekend before I go to Argentina (next Friday) so many things to do/buy. ^_^
Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!

Question: What's your weekend plan? What's the last movie you went to see? I'm going to see Ice Age today! :)


Gina said...

I hope you have figured some things out. Give it time and you will realize what causes your body to do funny things. Maybe you could start keeping a food diary?

This weekend I plan on working on my thesis, and taking a break for some award winning BBQ ribs tonight!

Oh, congrats on the RA position!

Special K said...

I am like a little detective too when it comes to being human...every bad feeling must have a reason (aka graduate school!). I've always found that breathing, not attempting to to force good feelings all the time, and a little indulgence is helpful...if not, fun! I have an amazing meal nourishment giveaway for ya: http://thespecialktreatment.wordpress.com/

VeggieGirl said...

I hope you feel much better, girl!!

Gena (Choosing Raw) said...

Glad you feel better. Stress can certainly throw the GI tract out whack, so be kind to yourself!

Krista said...

Glad to hear that yo are feeling much better!

just me said...

I'm glad you've figured out a few reasons why your tummy was ailing! i'm still trying to figure mine out, but we'll see. hopefully soon!!!!!

Janetha said...

ohhh i love that bowl with the jicama and black beans, right up my ally! sounds like you are figuring things out with that tum of yours. good luck with finding what works!

Alison said...

Glad to hear you're doing better. Hope things continue to clear up for you.

Your sweet potato and chocolate sound very yummy.

ChickPea said...

I hope the food combining proves to be effective for your IBS!
Last movie I saw--The Proposal. super cute.

Anonymous said...

Now YOU know how to pack a lunch! I definitely need help in that department--I never pack enough and end up hungry with the same stuff everyday!

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Anonymous said...

i LOVE the choc and sweet potato combo! that sounds amazing!

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