July 10, 2009

Recap of the week before heading to Chicago!!! ^_^

Lovely people!!! How was your weekend? Mine flew by while I catch up with sleep and rest! Now I am recovered from my last trip, I'm going for another one. Chicago, I'm coming!!! I'm not sure what I'm going to do there, did zero research so far, but I have a friend there, so I'll rely on him! And I'm be meeting more blog friends! SO EXCITING!!!
Recap time!
New Meal: Maggie's style wraps & the famous ABU!!!
New book: skin type solution. I'll do the review when I finish it, but so far so good! :)

Monday: extremely tired and sleepy all day, no workout!
Tuesday: sleepiness continued but went to the gym.
yeah~ this is how I devour ABU, with the jar besides the bowl of green oats! ^_^
Wednesday: still tired, yoga at home.
"pasta" with broccoli and sweet potato chips! YUM YUM~~
fage with ABU and Lindts truffle!!! More YUM YUM~~
Thursday: more yoga and finally got enough sleep!
A fun dinner inspired by Maggie, who just started an amazing site HealthyYum. If you like healthy recipes and stunning pics of food porn, go there right now!!! smoked salmon and steamed broccoli
and sweet potatoe
Time to WRAP!!! so fun!! ^_^
fage with cocoa powder and more chocolates!!!
Friday: gym + packing + excitement!!!
packing lunch and dinner
Now I'm in office, finishing my presentation for next Tuesday. If I knew that I'll present next week, maybe I wouldn't go to Chicago this weekend. Wouldn't I? Really? hahah.......I guess I would anyway! ^_^ I'm just following the rule of PLAY HARD, WORK HARD! ^_^

Question: Any suggestion for what to do/eat/see/buy in Chicago?


Maggie said...

I've never been to chicago! I'm sure you'll find tings to do.

You should submit that picture of the mushrooms, beans, and sesame seeds - it's really pretty!

Anonymous said...

Ooh The Clear Skin Diet eh? I'm interested to see what kind of information you pull out of it!

Your ABU looks much more amazing and delicious than my PBU turned out to be (although I still very much enjoyed mine). I think I might be needing to try it with almond butter VERY soon! And I definitely think the best way to eat it is right beside the bowl of oats.

I've never been to Chicago. Sigh. I'd love to get there someday though. Have an awesome time!

VeggieGirl said...

Hooray for One Lucky Duck treats and CHOCOLATE!! :-)

In Chicago:

- dine at Karyn's Cooked and The Chicago Diner

- visit the Frank Lloyd Wright house/museum

Erica said...

So fun! Have a great time in Chicago and get some sleep chica! I still haven't tried the ABU (I know, I know) - it looks so delicious

Mrs. LC said...

Well aren't you just full of fun and adventure!!! Never been to Chicago, but I can't wait to visit vicariously through you. :)

Krista said...

Love that container full of apricots! YUM!

Have a blast in Chicago!

A Toronto girl out West said...

Holy Food Porn Batman!!!!!!!!

ps: Have an awesome time in Chi-town!!!

Emily said...

Looks like some delish eats! Especially the broccoli; I'm a huge fan. :-)

Hope you enjoy Chicago! I'll be there on Sunday night and Monday (too fast :-( )

ChickPea said...

LOVE Chicago. I recommend going to the Blind Faith Cafe or The Chicago Diner.

Sweta said...

Have fun in Chicago-I'm sure it'll be exciting to read about it on your blog :)

annie said...

OO soo exciting!! tell me if those books are good! cause if they are i want to go buy them!

Gina said...

I can't WAIT to hear your review about that clear skin book. I have a friend who just asked me what to eat for bad acne, and I really did not have a good answer for her :(

After watching the Food Network for years, I have a list of restaurants that I want to visit before I die...haha, sounds so dumb. Two of them are in Chicago: MOTO and Topolobampo (this one was voted best in America, I think).

Have fun!

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