May 11, 2009

New home!!! Be ready to see tons of pics! ^_^

Hi my friends, thanks for the moving tips and good wishes! I really appreciate them! I'm finally done with the moving and unpacking!!!!! ^_^ I missed you guys badly..... first I was busy with moving and then I didn't have Internet until this morning. Ready to see before and after pics? I have tons of them and more! Okay, sit tight and here they go
First arrive to the new apt (totally empty but clean)
I came with music and cleaning supplies
Old apt with all suitcases and boxes (not fun to have tons of books)
New apt with all the stuff moved (total mess)
then, 2 days of unpacking and ordering, here are the after pics
Living room
New Dining set (it costed me $300, but I love it. Simple, modern and chic)
Look the small table behind with some pics of Cute Coco
New TV
Inside the closet
Bathroomnew curtain hangers
What's inside?
Look how many food I had in pantry
And how many bowls and plates just for one person
Now the fridge
It took me an entire day to move all the kitchen appliance and food. I'm a true foodie, right?

Okay. What do you guys think about my new home? I know that all of you have a fancier home than this. But considering I'm a grad student, I'm really happy with it.

I'll write a separate post about my first meals in the new home later! ^_^ See u then, now, if you excuse me I need to catch up with your wonderful blogs!


Anonymous said...

I know moving must be a HUGE chore and a TON of work and I should probably shut up because I haven't had to do it so I would have no idea what kind of work it must be but seriously, moving and unpacking and organizing and setting up just seems like SO much fun to me! I would love to do it just to be able to do all of the unpacking and putting things away and dressing up a new place!

Anyway, I LOVE your new place! It's so cute and neat and tidy and homey. You did a great job with it! Thanks for the walk through girl!

Anonymous said...

WOW! I can just imagine how much work it took to get everything organized and in order! and what a sweet accomplishment, because it looks WONDERFUL! I especially love those stuffed toys, because I'm a sucker for cute cuddly things.
LOVE the kitchen too, and so jealous of all the equipment you have! very neat and tidy...hopefully it stays that way for long! haha!

Maggie said...

I love your living room, and I especially love the abundance of books!!! Moving is SO hard and time consuming but you did it! Yay :):):)

Erica said...

WOW! You've gotten so much done already! Thats awesome! I love just moving in and having everything super organized! Congrats :)

Sharon said...

Oh wow, I love the place! And love the abundance of bowls and plates! Too cute!!!! ^^

Janetha said...
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janetha said...

i love the new digs! your new dining set is rad, worth the splurge i think. love all your furniture.. totally my style. i almost bought that dresser actually. i am impressed you got things unpacked and organized so fast! i usually take a few weeks when i move. ha! thanks for sharing your new abode with us!!!

Sweta said...

You've managed to make the apt look so cozy with the right amount of girly stuff-very neat! Loved your new dining table,but can't dream of buying something like that with my 2 year old hurricane in the house :(

annie said...

OMG I LOVE IT!! everything looks really good! I need to live on my own soon =P

Krista said...

Thanks for the tour! Your new place looks awesome! I really love that new glass table you bought. Very nice.

I must have been a lot of tiring work, but I think it was worth it in the end, no? :)

Emily said...

Nice new apt! I'm totally jealous. I don't even have my own apartment yet and won't for quite a while. I can't wait until I do someday and can decorate just how I want.

Enjoy your new space!

ttfn300 said...

love the new digs! can't believe you have everything all unpacked already :) ENJOY :)

Anonymous said...

Love your new home - very clean and practical!!

Love the pillow on your bed too and the hello kitty in the closet!

Good job!

Anonymous said...

wow coco, what a gorgeous place!!! if when i get a place of my own i get one as nice as this, i would be very, very happy :D you did so great with all the orgaising and moving - hope you get some rest!

Pearl said...

LOVE it! do you have a roomie?

Anonymous said...

Your apartment is awesome!! Love all of the Ikea furniture.

Melissa @ For the Love of Health said...

Moving is so huge! :-)
I have to start plotting for my move in July and I am dreading it! I have to start purging now to feel better. I have way too many things!
YOu did an awesome job and I love your place!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures of your new home, it's exciting moving and putting your mark on a new place.

The Dainty Pig said...

Coco! Everything looks awesome. Nice organizing and arranging. The bookshelves look great :)
I love how you've organized your kitchen and fridge.

And a quick question for you: The tea by "Taragui" that is in your photo in the upper left corner of the cupboard, is that from Argentin??. If my memory is correct, I LOVED that tea when I was there!! So good! I'm not sure if they have lots of types, but I had some black tea with cinnamon by that brand, as well as some yerba mate con naranja! Mmmm.

Caitlin said...

Congrats! Moving is such a pain, but it feels so good once you are all done. Your new place looks very cute and cozy, now you can relax and enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Love the new home. Looks like you are all settled in.

Anonymous said...

I missed you! And am glad you are now back :-) I like your new place! You've made it look fantastic in such a short time! I can see you like neatness and order - I'm the same. I love that it took you so much time to set up the kitchen - a true foodie indeed :-)

Alison said...

Cute apartment. I'm amazed at how quickly you unpacked. It takes me months whenever I move. Love the flat screen too. I really want one.

Anonymous said...

love your apartment! so cozy and neat and organized!

i actually live with my sister in apartment near college. it's not "fancy" at all since housing near school is so expensive. but i think i prefer apartments over dorms.. cause i get to have my own kitche ;]

do you ever feel lonely living by yourself?

I dont' think i can ever live by myself.. esp at night i get so scared ><;

Anonymous said...

Whoa! I've been gone a while! When did you move? I have a lot of catching up to do!

Cool new place! Even though you're in the process of moving, it looks so clean and organized!

I love the foodie pics! I especially love your toaster with the pink parts! It's too cute!!

TheBoyfriend1124 said...

Jaja, so beautiful, and so in oder! that is amzing. Really you have a more comfortable home!!congratulation!!!!

Gina said...

Fantastic, I want to move in with you! Your apartment looks so spacious, meanwhile I live in a one bedroom apartment where their is basically NO closet space. Congrats, it looks wonderful.

Anonymous said...

ooh love all the pics! your place looks adorable!

Danielle said...

Oh my, my, my! Congrats on your new home! It's adorable and beautiful and I'm sure you're going to have so many happy memories there :)

Anonymous said...

I really like your new home!!! It's much bigger than many graduate student apartments that I've seen and it looks really cozy and homey. You did a fantastic job decorating, cleaning, and organizing!!!

I'm a lover of plates and eating utensils, so I actually adore your cupboard full of dishes!! It's SO FUN!!! Even though I have so many, I can never resist looking at kitchen goods and sales at department stores just in case there's a cute plate or bowl i want!!

I could add pictures on the wall of you and star! or your favorite things! :) Great job Coco!! You're one efficient girl!!

Balance, Joy and Delicias! said...

Pearl: I don't have roomie, I move into a new apartment to live alone.

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