May 22, 2009

Home Date with Star! ^_^

Yesterday I asked you guys about how do you think I'd spend these two days with Star... many of you said about going to fancy/romantic restaurants like I did in Argentina, but NOT this time! I preferred to stay at home and cook for him instead. Why? Because I really enjoy making his favorites dishes, the process of he washing/cutting all the foodand I cooking themI'm an ordinary girl who has to bare with the fact that I can only have him around me a couple times a year. Dating out is fun but I can't feel the same connection that I do when we stay at home. As this trip is really short, I prefer to spend it this way.
For breakfast I had a new brand of oat bran. Prepared it with almond milk and broco-flower puree, topped with the new PMAB!it was soooooo smooth and creamy and the AB was delicious. I had to have more halfway throughWhen we came back from the airport I prepared a AM snack for us while Star was choosing what movie to watch!Then we went to groceries store to pick ingredients to make his favorites dishes
Lunch was simple: stir fry pok choystir fry chinese mustardstir fry soy bean sprouts with picklesand stir fry chili with pork and chinese chivesHe had white rice and I had black rice porridgeIt was simple but delightful. I had dairy free chocolate pudding as dessert and Star had ice cream.The afternoon was spent on nap, movie, Star's first yoga session, a nice walk, some random munches: chocolates in a kid package (Star loves buying me kid's stuff)grapefruitand ice cream, cashew, etc (no pic)
I invited two of my best friends here to join us for dinner: Qiao and Huan. I like them a lot, they always make me laugh, especially when they're together! :)
Dinner was a chinese feast!
Star and my friend's favorite dish: porkcucumber saladradish and pork soupchinese chives with chilitofu with ancient egg (Michelle loves it too)korean picklesDunZaHui made with eggplant, potato and green beansAll together
After dinner we had a long and nice chat! ^_^
Star, best friends, great food = Perfect Night~


Anonymous said...

All your meals look so delicious. It's great to enjoy cooking and having someone to cook for who loves it.
I love the bag of chocolate.

Anonymous said...

What an amazing night of meals! Girl, no wonder you didn't go out for dinner to a restaurant. No one can beat that!!

You look very cute cooking in the kitchen. Beautiful girl :-)

Also, I am intruiged by breakfast - did you blend broccoli and cauliflower into your oats?? I really want to try this - was it any good?

That AB look delicious... so do the mini toblerone chocolates (good choice!)

Maggie said...

I think that time spent staying in is so important :)

I love that pork radish soup by the way. My roommate used to make it all the time. So delicious.

I hope you and Star have another great day!

Melissa @ For the Love of Health said...

I'm like you and prefer staying in too :-) It's much more intimate.
That's great you are having a wonderful time!

All your meals look amazing!

Melissa said...

Love your guys are too cute:) Can you tell me your black rice porridge recipe?

Krista said...

I think staying in was the perfect choice! That's the best way to spend quality time together in my opinion. Looks like the 2 of you cooked up a storm! Delsih....

Sweta said...

That looks a good enough feast-befitting the occasion!!
Have fun:)

Balance, Joy and Delicias! said...

Melissa: the black rice porridge is really simple: black glutinous rice (you can find it in asian market) soaked over night and cook with a lot of water for at least an hour (I cooked it for almost two hours).

Rachel said...

I agree, staying in is that much more special when you're with someone you care about. It looks like you guys had a great time, and all your meals look fabulous!

Wishing you guys another perfect day.

Much love,

Pearl said...

aww coco - i think it was a great idea to stay home. there IS that deeper connection when you get to spend quality, intimate time alone with someone you love.

annie said...

dinner looks great! I LOVE chinese chives!

janetha said...

coco! wow, you are quite the culinary mastermind to make all that awesome authentic food!

i agree, sometimes it is just way better to stay in as opposed to going out. when my good friend comes to town we always opt to stay in and catch up instead of going to a noisy bar or something.

sounds like you had a great day yesterday, oh! and i LOVE toblerone. i gave up candy at new years and that is one candy i miss so much. eat some for me ;)

have a fun filled weekend! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Ahhh!! Thanks for the shout out Coco, because YES I love it too!! I also think those pictures of you cooking and Star chopping are adorable. What a great team you two make!! I can imagine the kids now…they’ll be in charge of eating. Hahaha
My boyfriend likes buying me kiddie things too!! Like a doggie-face cupcake. :P It sounds like such a lovely day with loved ones!! I wonder if Star enjoyed yoga and if you WOWed him with all your advanced yoga moves! I would totally be impressed if I was him!

Alison said...

Nice for you and Star to have time together.
All the food looks wonderful. The bok choy and eggplant dish looks great!
I love the photos of you cooking!

Gina said...

Isn't it nice having a boyfriend to cook with?! Thanks for the salmon idea, it sounds delicious but I don't have cooking wine or sesame oil. I went with another suggestion because I had all the ingredients. I should buy some cooking wine, it goes in so many dishes!!

Mara @ What's For Dinner? said...

What a great date night!!! You are ADORABLE cooking :) well, adorable all the time, but particularly cute in that apron! You have to check out my giveaway/sale on my blog today!!!

qiao said...

Thanks for the great dinner! Such a wonderful night with you!

ChickPea said...

Hmm it appears that Star shares your taste in good food!

just me said...

what a great time of eats!!! i'm loving all the home cooking w/ your man!!!

and love the toblerone...i want that snack pack!

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