May 20, 2009

New Almond Butter, girly purchase and more suprise!! ^_^

Okay. Let me say the surprise first! Star is NOT coming this Friday, but TODAY!!! I'm going to pick him up right after I finish this post!!! YEAH~~~ I love him!!! He knew that I wanted him to come as soon as possible so he booked the first flight he could get, which is Wednesday night and he'll arrive on Thursday 7.30 AM!!! So excited!!! ^_^

Now, let's move to the new batch of Almond Butter. I made not one, but TWO kinds! The simple one, with just roasted almond and pinch of salt.
This time, really smooth!!!And the other one is a new creation. Remember my failed maple-raisin AB? I used half to made cornbread and was having the other half for breakfast, but I wasn't enjoying it much. So, something must be done! I used some of the new batch of AB, the rest of maple-raisin AB, 1/3 cup pumpkin puree, 2 tbsp maple butter and 1/4 cup raisin! Result? An extremely smooth Pumpkin maple Almond Butter!!! IT's sooooooo good!!!
Look how smooth is thisThe best part of making nut butter is to clean this with my tongue.... hahha.... such a tough job!!!^_^ Now, girly purchase! Look what I got today in the mailI bought all these for <$15. Lips colors Lovely pink nail polish
Check out my entire selection of nail polish
I don't know why I have all these, because I usually go to manicure and only use them for fun! ^_^ How many nail polish do you keep?

Finally, food! Another great day, followed almost the new challenge guideline.
  • 1/3 c. rolled oats
  • 1/3 c. almond milk
  • 1/4 c. wheat berries
  • 1/4 c. pumpkin
  • 2 tbsp flax meal
  • topping: 1 tbsp low fat plain yogurt + 1 tbsp maple-raisin AB + blueberries
I didn't really need AM snack, but had it anyway when I was waiting in the doc office: 1/3 of honest granola bar. (bad)
Lunch: chicken bamboo shot dish over "noodles" and a chopped tomato
Dessert: 2 squares of almond cornbread
I kep PM snack small (good): 1 slice of WW with LC and an apple
I went to swim pool, swam for an hour, showered, moisturized and felt amazing!! :)
Early dinner at 7pm (good): tortilla veggie pizza!!! I used Tj's rice tortilla for the dough, topped with homemade sauce, mushrooms, mini peppers, broco-flower and part-skim mozzarella.It was delicious!!!! I need to have this more often!!!
Dessert was amazing: 1 cup of low fat plain yogurt + 2 tbsp wheat berries + 1 square of almond cornbread crumbled + coconut flakes
It was delicious, but maybe too much yogurt, I felt a little bloated afterwards!
Day 2 of the challenge and Day -1 of Star arrival was FABULOUS!!! ^____^

Question: Any guess about how I'll spend these two days with Star? What kind of dates do you think we'll get?


Emily said...

Oooh, your almond butter looks so good! Just make sure you don't hurt your tongue licking the food processor. :-)

Girly fun stuff! I actually don't paint my nails because I keep them really short and the polish tends to wear off fast. But yours look lovely.

Hope you have fun with Star!

Anonymous said...

You AB looks amazing Coco! I'm so so jealous! I still haven't been able to make any of my homemade AB because my food processor broke recently. I'll have to live vicariously through you!

I love the pink nail polish - best colour ever! I have about 20 bottles of nail polish. Mum and I always buy them and share.

I think you've done excellent with the challenge today - 1/3 of a bar is really not bad! Plus, you had that early dinner (which looks delicious, by the way!)

I can't believe Star is coming early! What an excellent surprise. I think you need to go out to a romantic dinner together, or go for some walks. That would be a nice way to spend time together :-)

Krista said...

COCO!!! I love this post!

YAY for Star coming TODAY!!! Maybe he'll do a guest post so we can "meet" him???


Love, love, love all the lip and nail colours!

What a great day for you!

Melissa @ For the Love of Health said...

Your almond butters look so great! You are inspiring me to try myself!:-)

Love the girly stuff!! I love girly stuff and have way too much! :-p

Have an amazing time with Star!

pigpigscorner said...

I can eat anything with that almond butter!

And that's a lot of nai polish you have!

Rachel said...

That almond butter looks heavenly! So creative. I'm glad your day went well, everything looks fun and delicious!

Have fun with Star, I'm sure you guys are going to have a great time together.

Much love,

Gina said...

Congrats on the almond butter success! I really love how everyone uses pumpkin in everything on their blogs, I'm going to have to use it more often. Have a blast with Star :)

Alison said...

pumpkin maple almond butter. wow!
I never paint my nails, but I want to. I bought a jar of nail polish recently but haven't gotten around the using it yet.

Julie said...

yay for making your own almond butter!

if you want to make your nail polish last longer then keeping it in the fridge is a great place :) helps keep it thin!

Pearl said...

Coco! i'm so glad to hear that star is coming today! YAY!

and oh my gosh - i got nervous when you said that you were going to clean the the plastic part of your food processor with your tongue; be sure to avoid the blade!

Sweta said...

Bamboo shoot-it's been ages since I ate that.
Have fun with Star-it doesn't matter where he takes you,just having him around itself will be great!

Anonymous said...

I love the girly, PINK nail varnish. I don't have many colours myself, but I want a collection like yours.

Maggie said...

I hope you get to go to lots of amazing restaurants with Star! Enjoy your days with him :)

CinnamonKitten said...

Your nails are beautiful! I am looking at mine in shame :(. I love your blog. It's fantastic! x

janetha said...

coco! heyy girl

so is star your boyfriend? i don't think ive ever heard you talk about him since i am a newer reader of your fabulousness. so rad he is coming early! stoked!

and PMAB?! YUM looks so good. send me a jar haha!

that veggielicious pizza caught my eye, yuuum.

good job on your challenge!! doing so well :D

oh and i have like 15 nail polish colors, but never use them, i go to the salon.. haha. but i love ELF products! so cheap.

have fun today!!!!

Anonymous said...

all of your dinners look so good! I was wondering if you could give the recipes to some of your meals when you post them.

Anonymous said...

wow! PUMPKIN almond butter! damn cool!!!!
hmm...I think you and Star will go to really nice restaurants, or maybe cook a nice dinner at home!

ChickPea said...

Great idea to add pumpkin to the AB! I have some leftover pumpkin and some kinda crumbly pecan butter...

Balance, Joy and Delicias! said...

Anonymous: usually if it's a really good meal I add the recipe on Coco's Creation, otherwise I just mention the ingredients and an idea of how to make it. But if there's any special meal that you'd like to know, please send me an email and I'd love to send you the recipe.

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