June 25, 2009

One pot meal for a lazy/busy woman! :)

I've been really lazy last couple of days so instead of preparing pretty meals, I just put everything in one pot making sure that it has enough nutrients and flavor and careless about its appearance. As Maggie said, I don't want to please anyone but myself. ^_^
Bad news: my IBS have been worsen lately, a discomfort that annoyed me all day long. I don't know the cause of it and gave up long time ago to figure it out, now I just want a SOLUTION. I even began to drink apple cider after Maggie said it might help to regulate. But so far it's not helping. Any help?
Good news:
I tried to do yoga by myself for the first time after Maggie's suggestion. (Maggie, this seems to be a post dedicated to you! ^_^). I did for 45 min (calculated with music songs that guess who sent me? Maggie!!) And I can't believe how sweaty I was at the end!!! I was almost comparable to a cardio session! I swear I've never worked that hard doing yoga with a podcast!!! It feels soooooo good, I felt soooo strong afterwards. Thanks Maggie for introducing me to it!

Okay. Now to the boring part.... recap of my one pot meals, but my breakfast have been interesting!
Monday: no workout because it was rainy and because I didn't go to sleep until 12pm on Sunday.
Breakfast: another new FEATURED breakfast! In the mix: overnight soaked oats, Greek yogurt, wheat berries, dairy free chocolate pudding, blueberries and AB.
Lunch: one pot pasta (pasta, zucchini, chickpeas, cauliflower and sauce)Snacks: a peach and pineapple muffin
Dinner: one pot "noodles" with bamboo chicken, bok choy, mushroom and black fungus.Dessert: KABOCHA!!!

Tuesday: gym + work
Breakfast: I craved simple oat bran so I made 1/2 c. oat bran with almond milk and blueberries.With AB of course. And before I stepped out I had a muffin.Lunch: rainbow beans porridge, stir fry lotus, black fungus, tofu and broccoli
Snacks: fruits
Dinner: one pot "noodle" with bean sprouts, mushrooms, black fungus and marinated tofu and egg.Dessert: KABOCHA!

Wednesday: yoga by myself + work
Breakfast: inspired by Sarah. Steel cuts parfait with strawberries. I just boiled strawberries with some water and 1/4 c. flax meal and some vanilla. Topped with some cocoa powder.Lunch: one pot pasta as Monday
Snacks: peach and muffinDinner: one pot "noodle" with lotus, marinated tofu and egg, bean sprouts and chinese mustard.

Dessert: KABOCHA!

oh... I must say these one pot "noodles" are really filling (this is a big salad bowl and it's almost full) and tasty!
I just found a new chinese tv series that is really intriguing but the problem is that I got too excited after watching it at night and couldn't fall into sleep. Damn.... why something good has bad side effect!

Have everyone a great Thursday! I can smear weekend already.~~ So, what's your weekend plan?


annie said...

oh coco! i remember when you did your detox and you felt better, did you not have dairy? cause lately my stomach's been hurting cause of dairy. i hope you find out what it is because it must suck that you can't really eat without getting stomachaches!

Krista said...

Love all your one pot meals.
Sorry to hear that your IBS is flaring up. It's so tricky to figure out what causes outbreaks...especially when you haven't been doing anything differently.

Anonymous said...

Your 'one pot' meals are amazing Coco! I agree, you only need to please yourself, but darn girl - you're pleasing everyone who is viewing these amazing creations! The noodles look amazing!

As usual, your breakfasts intruige me the most (I'm a big breakfast person!) I really want to try wheatberries. Where do you buy them? Are they made of wheat (sorry if its a silly question!) I particularly love your parfait with strawberries. I have to try that - I have so many punnets of strawberries in the fridge right now (which I bought at the market!)

I've never had IBS so I don't know how to help - but I hope you find a solution quickly! Feeling sick is never fun :-(

Maggie said...

I'm so glad you liked my suggestions! :):):)

I actually JUST did a post this morning about tips for sleeping because I've been having trouble recently too.

Don't know what to do about the IBS... my doctors thought I might have it (a few years ago) but I never went back to followup so I didn't get much more information.

Love the kabocha desserts :)

Happy Thursday! (I almost wrote Friday... guess I want it to be the weekend.)

Emily said...

Hi Coco. Sorry your IBS had been acting up. I find that as my stress levels increase, my GI tract rebels more. I know apple cider has a lot of fiber in it if you drink enough (my little brother tried to drink a whole gallon in one day and it was way too much for him, but I'm sorry it isn't helping you.

Your one pot noodles look so good! I love easy clean up meals. What kind of noodles do you use?
Hope you have a good day!

Gina said...

When you say IBS, what are your symptoms? If it's just being bloated, I would say you need to stop eating as much at night, especially lay low on the high fat foods at night, and stick to ones that are easy to digest (cooked foods, carbs). Try to fit in more food during the day so you eat less at night, I've really noticed a big difference! Also, watch your inteake of fructose (fruit), and carbonated beverages. Stay tuned sometime next week I will have an IBS post!

Melissa @ For the Love of Health said...

Hey Coco- your one pots don't look boring at all! They all look very tasty!

I'm sorry to hear about IBS! Do you drink a lot of fluids to flush your system out?

This weekend I have to find a place to live in the city in which I am attending law school.
I hope you have a great day!

janetha said...

great to see a new post from you coco! your one pot meals are rad, i don't know what could be better.. everything all in one dish AND easy cleanup, you can't go wrong. sorry about the IBS, i dont know much about it but i hope you find a solution. xoxo

Rachel said...

Aww sorry to hear about your IBS. I can't think of anything to help, but I hope you find a solution soon!

Psh, your one pot meals are NOT boring. They look delicious, colorful and satisfying! I love all of them. Oh and your oat parfait looks delicious as well.

Much love,

Anonymous said...

yeahhh unfortunately, Chinese TV shows are DEFINITELY so addictive when you've found a great one!! hahahah I had the same problem with korean TV shows...the best way to do it is shorten your TV time and do something relaxing...like listen to music or read a magazine till you start falling asleep.

OH NO! The IBS is annoying when it troubles your health and happiness! Maybe you should get a doctor to test you to see which foods exactly are causing the IBS! I'm starting to think i might be a little allergic to wheat and gluten myself (Asians are more succeptible), so perhaps go get tested my dear!

Yes, one pot meals ROCK! I like to think of myself as one pot meal expert. hahah

Anonymous said...

i'm so sorry to hear about your IBS coco :( i hope some readers will give you good advice for that, as i can't give any.

one pot dishes are the best! so comforting, easy, and delicious :D

Erica said...

PROTEIN! Thats what helped me. I was eating too many fruits/veggies and not enough protein. Might only work for me, but worth a shot

Lynn (The Actors Diet) said...

i love your dessert!

Anonymous said...

Oh no, I'm so sorry about your IBS...Do you know this supplement thingy called Isotonix? It's a digestive supplement and really helps with any digestive enzyme formula with probiotics, an advanced system digestive aid...When I was malnourished and getting to refeeding stage, this helped with my stomach problems...
Also, perhaps you are ingesting to much fiber?

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