June 3, 2009

Love talk & New Challenge!

Thanks to your supportive comments on yesterday's post. I'm especially touched by Gina's comment: "Well just smile because if you think about it, you are so lucky to have someone in your life you miss so much! Whenever I miss Nick, I always remind myself how lucky I am that I have someone who I can truly miss so much, it must mean he makes me incredibly happy and I'm a lucky lucky girl. Every time you miss Star remind yourself how good you have it. I mean, not all women get such wonderful spur of the moment gifts! That was so thoughtful." She's so right! I should be grateful of having Star in my life instead of being sad of not be able to be with him all the time!
One thought that I had after I left the airport was that no tears, no special words, no apparent emotions doesn't mean No Emotions, No sadness inside us! When I see people who just say goodbye in airport without any emotion, not hugs, I used to judge them as insensible people! But yesterday I realized that I was wrong... maybe they didn't express themselves more because they were afraid of making the other person feel bad and sad too. I don't know if I'm saying it right.... do you know what I mean? I could feel that Star smiled to me and didn't show his emotions not because he wasn't sad of being apart of me, but because he didn't want to make me feel worse! And I felt the same way!!! That's a new kind of feeling about love, which I think it's wonderful! Have you ever experienced something similar?

Okay. End of love talk and let me move to June's Challenge:
Because I'll be working from 9-17.30 for the next two months, I won't have the flexible schedule that I had for the last 3 years. So, guideline for workout
  • Monday/Friday workout at the gym: cardio for 45 min
  • Tuesday/Thursday yoga at home: 45 min
  • Wednesday: Resting day
  • Saturday: yoga and/or swimming
  • Sunday: vinyasa yoga at yoga studio
Eating guideline:
  • Cleaning eating as the one I did a while ago. Basically no process food and eat everything in its natural form as much as possible.
  • One green oats per day, which is also part of Maggie's Whole Life Challenge
  • Use at least 3 items from the pantry, inspired by Maggie too
  • Continue with the Challenge that I was already on: cut back on veggies, more healthy fats and proteins, early dinner and smaller desserts.
Would you interested on joining me on any of these? Let me know!

Finally, recap of today. As day 1 of the challenge and because I didn't workout yesterday, I set the alarm to 5.45am and went to the gym to run 4 miles on the treadmill. Once showed I felt wonderful!!! Morning workouts are the best!!! But I didn't have time to have breakfast at home. Quickly I packed food to go. Two pots of green oats: one with spinach, and the other one with brocoflower. For each of them I used 1/2 cup oat bran, 1/2 cup almond milk, 2 tbsp flax meal and either spinach/brocoflower (topped with chinese dates). For breakfast I packed 1 low fat plain yogurt, blueberries, puffed kamut flakes with mixgranola. For snack I packed an apple and some cherries. All packed in my new lunch bag! ^_^I enjoyed them along the day and didn't feel hungry.
Dinner was more elaborated. Stir-fry tofu with black fungus, baby corns, broccoli with sesame seeds, soy sauce and sesame oil.Stir fry soy bean sprouts with mushrooms and pickles.And porridge made with white fungus, black rice and aduki beans.Dessert: dairy free chocolate pudding!Overall, day 1 of the June's Challenge was well accomplished.
I need to catch up with your blogs people! see u tomorrow!~


ttfn300 said...

your dinner looks awesome! even though i don't think i've tried half of it :) i missed your last post, but star sounds amazing ;) relish the time together and remember the good times when you're apart! you are very lucky!

Melissa @ For the Love of Health said...

Great discussion on love. Gina is absolutely right. Not all women are lucky enough to find that special person who brings them so much love and joy. You are one very lucky woman :-) That's so great you realize that.

Your dinner looks awesome!!

Have a great night!

Gina said...

I'm so glad you understood and appreciated my comment. I see you have gotten your appetite back, and you're back to making some amazing meals! I love the challenges, they are all achievable and sensible! HAve a great night.

Molly said...

Just wondering - do you usually eat all you make for dinner, or do you have leftovers?

Alison said...

Gina had a great quote.
Great dinner! And I always love your dairy-free pudding pics.

ChickPea said...

Totally agree--morning workouts are the best! I don't think I could ever go back to afternoon workouts.

Maggie said...

That's a really insightful comment. It's good to look at it that way :)

Your new challenges sound great. It sounds like you're adjusting to working well!

Balance, Joy and Delicias! said...

Molly: I ate all the broccoli stir fry and half of the sprouts. and all the porridge of course.

Anonymous said...

Your new challenges sound great Coco! I wish you the best of luck with them :-)

I like your lunch-bag - very cute. You are like me in that you pack a lot for lunch!

Your workout plan sounds good to. Do you ever do any strength training?

just me said...

that is such a great start to your post about star. i love hearing thins like that, and i totally agree w/ gina.

you're one lucky lucky lady.

Heather McD (Heather Eats Almond Butter) said...

Yes, be so grateful that Star is in your life and that you are loved. You guys will be together again before you know it. The time will fly!

Loved the 2 pots of veggie oats. That made me smile.

What a great challenge Coco. You can totally do this.

Best of luck with the new work schedule.

Krista said...

You always do so well at the challenges you set up for yourself! I love that green oat idea but don't know that I could do it every day for a month. The pantry challenge sounds doable, though! Mine is currantly overflowing!

Emily said...

Eats look delish as always!

I'm glad you're feeling better about Star leaving, and I think you are totally right about not showing emotion to make the other person feel badly. I think I do that, too!

Hope you have a great day!

janetha said...

i agree morning workouts are THE BEST! i am not a morning person but when i force myself to get up and work out it makes the whole day better. glad you have such a GREAT relationship going for you. it is so fabulous. the exercise and eating challenges for june look like some great guidelines! you will rock it :D xoxo

Anonymous said...

Hi CoCo!!! I haven't commented, but i'm following you and your lovely escapades with Star. :) You are a lucky girl and i am POSITIVE star knows that he's probably one of the luckiest guys alive!!

I really would love to join you on a challenge...i think for now, i am still trying hard to kick my artifical sweetener habit!! :( It's SO HARD to not put splenda in my latte!!! *sigh*

I love your lunch bag!! hahah I have had to switch to three different bags in the past because my lunches keep growing in size, i have to buy bigger bags to hold them. hahahha :P

The Dainty Pig said...

what a great food day you had! yummy yummy.

and Gina is absolutely right! What a positive way to look at the situation: Star seems wonderful, and you are so lucky to be able to have someone to miss like that! The time will fly by and before you know it, you will see him again.

have a wonderful weekend!!

Meg said...

Yeah for a new kind of feeling about love!

TheBoyfriend1124 said...

Dear little girl,I feel more responsibility after knowing your feeling. I am afraid that I haven't done good enough!!! I will continue my effort with the love in my heart,I am sure I can do better and better...........

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