June 5, 2009

disorganized post!

I’m still trying hard to balance work, workout, sleep 7-8 hours, eat properly, some relaxing time and BLOGGING! I kept my challenge on working out in the morning…. Woke up at 5.45am, did 45 min yoga, but I guess yoga is better to do at night than in the morning, because it didn’t wake me up as cardio did to me. I dunno.. I’ll try few days more and see if I have to adjust my plan. But the advantage of doing yoga instead of going to the gym was to have time to have breakfast at home. Another bowl of green oats.. This time with rolled oats instead of oatbran. Same method, same ingredients but not the same texture nor taste. It wasn’t that creamy and spinach flavor was noticeable, I had to add raisin to make it taste better. So, I guess I’ll stick to oat bran or add additional ingredients. And a big spoonful of Pumpkin Maple AB.
For lunch I packed brown rice, scrambled egg with zucchini (made the night before) and leftover sautéed sprouts. For snack: yogurt + mix of berries and kamut flakes.

I’ve been having teeth pain lately, not intense but still bother me. So I made couple of phones calls and got an appointment with a dentist. I went during lunch time and came back without even meeting the dentist!!! What happened you might wonder? Well……. The place was sooooooooo nasty!!! The people I saw were sooooooooo weird! So, after waiting for 15 min I told the secretary who had a bunch of snacks on her desk that I had to go, and I left! I don’t know if I did it right, but I just didn’t feel confident about this clinic to treat my pain. Have you ever had experience like that? That basically you escaped from doctor office because the place didn’t entitle you with confidence?
Longer lunch hour wasted means longer day of work… I worked until 6.30pm instead of 5.30pm. Back home, after 45 min dinner and today’s lunch was ready. Shrimp cooked in a homemade spicy tomato sauce, sautéed Chinese broccoli with garlic, leftover sprouts and porridge.
Dessert: steamed kabocha. (I dunno what’s my fav dessert: chocolate pudding or kabocha, what do you think?)
I was tired last night and went to bed at 9.30pm. Sorry if I didn’t comment on your blog, I do read your posts, but until I find a great way to deal with everything within 24 hs, commenting will be sporadic. Apology in advance.

Sorry that pics are not in order that they're supposed to be. I'm at work and dunno how to cut/past pics.


Pearl said...

i think you did the right thing by leaving a clinic where you felt uncomfortable. after all, you decide who you feel is adequate enough to take care of your health!

Krista said...

Scheduling sure can be hectic! Especially seeing as you're not used to one.

I think you were right in leaving the clinic. If you weren't comfortable, something was probably off.

annie said...

wow you are soo busy coco! i dont know how you do it!

whoa, you did the right thing. i would not let anyone weird touch me!

janetha said...

good call on leaving the nasty dentist office! i wouldn't want some creepdoc in my mouth if his office was like that!

sounds like you have a lot onb your plate and you are learning to balance it really well! props to you!

hang in there xoxoxoxo

The Dainty Pig said...

i'm sending you tons of love and energy to help you adjust to your new routine! don't worry, your body will slowly get used to it. it's good to see that you are still trying to do lots of things, but you aren't beating yourself up if it doesn't go as planned.

have a nice relaxing weekend--you deserve it!

Alison said...

Sorry things are so hectic. Are you enjoying your job at least?
Hope things get calmer soon!

Anonymous said...

I love your packed lunch.

Melissa @ For the Love of Health said...

Good for you for walking out. You should never stay if you feel uncomfortable that's for sure.

Great looking meals! Sorry to hear you are super busy! I hope you can manage your schedule more to your liking!

have a wonderful Friday evening!

Maggie said...

No apologies! Scheduling is hard.

I think that you definitely did the right thing by leaving. I am always scared of dentists so I need to be somewhere that I feel comfortable (though I'm still scared, even then).

Kabocha or pudding... tough call :)

Sweta said...

Sorry to hear about your tooth-I think you did the right thing by walking out!!
The shrimp looks great :)

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