June 22, 2009

White Fungus tutorial and trips to come! ^_^

Hey sweeties! How was your week and weekend? Mine was busy and fabulous!!! I always like to work hard and play hard and being a grad student didn't allow me to always do the play hard part! :) But now, I'm a normal M-F working person so I appropriate adjust myself to the role! :)
A couple of things to announce, which are sooo exciting for me!
1) I'm going to CHICAGO!!!! yeah~~~ just for a leisure weekend! I've never been there since I came to US and heard great things about it, so I always wanted to visit. I'll be going on the weekend of July 10th.. so anyone from Chicago want for a blog meet up? let me know! :)
2) I signed up for the yoga retreat!!!! I was hesitating because although I love yoga and I love the idea of spending a whole weekend doing yoga with my favorite instructors in a nice mountain retreat, but it is kind of expensive. But my lovely dear Star encouraged me to do it because he knew I much I love yoga and going there will make me happy!!! Thanks dear to LOVE me sooo much!!!
Tentative planning:
3) Go to Toronto to attend a friend's wedding. I'm still not sure if I'll go or not because it's a lot of $$ and plus I need a visa to go there. Bummer!
4) Go to Ocean City with my 3 best friends!! Date isn't confirmed because they're all pretty busy! Bummer!
But I'm sooooo excited for the first two that are CONFIRMED!!! ^_^

As I showed thousands of times of my porridge and mentioned white fungus, I thought you might want to know what exactly it is and how to prepare it.
This is how it looks like if you go to asian marketIt comes dry and has this flower formYou need to soak it for at least 2 hours. I soaked it for 4 hours and it expanded to this sizeSplit the flower and rinse 2-3 times. For this week's porridge, I soaked dry corns, aduki and mung beans overnight.So now put white fungus and the rest of the ingredients to the slow cooker, put high and let it cook for 8-10 hours (adding some sort of thicker ingredients, I used wheat cream this time, but you can also add oatbran, oat meal or rice). It's so easy and delicious! :) Love it!

Now, recap from Wednesday to Sunday.
Wednesday: blog + 30 min yoga + work
Breakfast: toasted zucchini bread + AB + green monster with kale. I must say it doesn't taste half good as spinach monsters.Lunch & snacks: pesto pasta was deliciousDinner:Dessert: KABOCHA

Thursday: 75 min date with Dave Farmer + work
Breakfast: a NEW COMBO inspired by B-cookies! Overnight soak oats + wheat berries + greek yogurt + chocolate pudding + berries + AB = FEATURED SUMMER BREAKFAST!!! I'm serious, this is soooooooooooo good!!! You'll see it often now on!!! ^_^
Lunch & snack: the packages are lotus powderDinner:Dessert: KABOCHA

Friday: gym + work
Breakfast: obviously the new favoriteSnack and no lunch because we had chinese food lunch with all stuffs at work
Dinner: Dessert: KABOCHA!!! I'm not getting bored of it yet! :)

Saturday: yoga + lunch with new friends + baking + swimming + relaxing at home
Breakfast: I had no more Greek yogurt so I had to use plain yogurt and it turned out a little watery. The combo: oats + plain low fat yogurt + berries + wheat berries + AB + frozen banana
No lunch pics. But we went to a taiwanese restaurant.
Baking: I made pineapples muffins for this week.And this is mung bean soup. Chinese people drink this a lot during summer because it helps to cool your body.
Snack time: Arnold Thing with LC, a muffin and a gigantic grapefruit.Dinner: tortilla pizza + kale chipsDessert: Kabocha + mung beans popsicles
Sunday: yoga + facial at HELA + meet my best friends and had dinner with them in a fancy Italian restaurant
Breakfast: I love this combo for Sunday (I don't know why). 2 whole eggs omelet, toasts with LC and strawberries.Lunch: had to be quick so chicken bamboo + bok choy + " noodles"Dessert: strawberries with chocolate puddingWent to HELA for a 90 min facial which made me feel soooooo relaxed and sooooo pretty!!! ^_^
Dinner: I only took a pic of the octopus salad, but I also had 2 slices of thin crust pizza, they were allll delicious.
I was a long recap but I had great time and wanted to share with you. I hope this week will be even better, for all of us! ^_^

Question: How $$ enters in your decision when you plan for vacations? Are you a budget/planned person?


Alison said...

The white fungus looks very pretty when soaked.
All your food looks delicious! I made kabocha last night. It's always delicious. How do you make your non-dairy chocolate pudding or do you buy it? Those pineapple muffins sound delicious.

Gina said...

Mung bean popsicles??? That's awesome! Are they good? I mean, I never would imagine creating such a thing, how did you come up with that??

Sounds like you have a busy summer planned! Money is definitely a huge part of any decision I make about vacations/going out of town. If it costs too much I just never feel right spending themoney. I try to choose my top two or three places I would rather go, or have to go (such as family vacation or best friends wedding) but the other options I just have to say "I'll go next time!"

A Toronto girl out West said...

Toronto is a GREAT city! But I understand about holding back on vacations that seem too expensive.

I'm that way too. It's not that I couldn't afford to go it's just that I prefer to be a little more careful. Besides as long as I have a wedding to save for I'll feel a little guilty for huge vacations! :o)

Krista said...

If you decide to come to Toronto we HAVE to get together! It would be awesome to meet you!

Thanks for the instructions on how to cook the white fungus...

Anonymous said...

i love white fungus!! i just had some "snow fungus" in my seaweed salad! it was amazing!!!

love octopus action too!


Emily said...

Hope you have a fun time in Chicago! I really want to go sometime soon. A ton of my friends still live there, and there is so much to do. My favorite thing is the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. :-)

I can't really take any vacations until I'm done being a student and have a real job! Hopefully I'll get to go somewhere awesome in the next couple years.

Rachel said...

Sounds like you have a ton of fun plans coming up soon! They all sound amazing and I hope you enjoy each one of them.

Your eats look beyond delicious. That white fungus looks interesting, haha. All of your breakfasts look amazing, as does.. everything else!

Much love,

Julie said...

chicago!! how fun :) i'm hoping i can get there by the end of the summer! have fun!!

ttfn300 said...

oh my gosh, all of your eats look so amazing!!! makes a girl hungry ;)

Sweta said...

Coco-thanks a ton girl for the tutorial on white fungus!! Now I actually know what to look for(since I always have to do my grocery shopping in a hurry all thanks to my two year old) :)

Anonymous said...

Haha, the white fungus looks like a bath sponge! Very cute. Have you ever tried black fungus? I love those.
Sigh, how can you EVER get tired of kabocha? Never!
My vacations are usually with family, and we plan out the hotels beforehand.

Karen said...

I, recently, found your blog and it's very interesting. I never had Kabocha, but recently bought one at a Korean grocery store and it's awesome. Where in MD do you live?

Elizabeth Jarrard said...

umm two new foods i am now dying to try!! kabocha and white fungus!!! like your blog!!

Anonymous said...

yay for white fungus!! My mom ALWAYS tries to cook with it at home because she says it's great for your skin and complexion. :) My favorite is in a sweet soup with papaya and chinese almonds. yummm I haven't had that in so long!!! Too few non-Asian people know how to enjoy it though. *sigh*

I'm so excited you're coming to Chicago!!! My mom is actually going to be here that week as well, so I won't get to spend as much time with you as I'd like, but do you have any ideas on what you'd like to do?? Any requests? I live right downtown, so let me know which hotel you're living in and I can tell you all the cool things near you!!! :)

Balance, Joy and Delicias! said...

Karen: I live near UMD.

Melissa @ For the Love of Health said...

exciting vacations! yoga retreat sounds great! Toronto is a great city (I am a little biased considering I live here haha)
Wow- all of your food looks amazing!! I can't pick a favourite!

Money definitely is a factor in vacation planning. :-)

Kelsey said...

Hey my name is Kelsey and I love your blog. I added you to my new site
feel free to check it out xo

Anonymous said...

That exciting about your trip to Chicago! I want to go there too :-) And the yoga retreat sounds so awesome - I'm glad you decided to do it after all! I'm intruiged to finally see how you make your white fungus and porridge. I'm so impressed! What a great meal with all those beans!

I like your new breakfast too - it looks really good!

In answer to your qestion, $$ factors into my planning HUGELY. I have very little of it, so that definately affects where I can go and what I can do. At the same time, I wont have the opportunity I have now to travel again for a while so I'm making the most of it.

Priyanka loves food said...

Thanks for the info on Mung beans. What do the Mung bean popsicle taste like?

Anonymous said...

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