June 28, 2009

Thoughts about confidence!

I haven't written any topic recently both because I was too busy to think about it and too busy to write about it. But today I want to spend some time to share an interesting topics (at least for me) with you: Self confidence.
A reader asked me if I'm confidence about myself and how to balance confidence and modesty? I think she raised an interesting question there! I've always consider myself a very confident person and I think everyone that knows me in person will agree. Girls use to tell me that they want to be as confident as I do. Men tell me that one of the key feature about me is my self confidence. I agree and disagree. The true Me, the one that I might hide from others isn't all confident. I have my fears and insecurities. Some times I wonder if people really likes me, or if something that I do would be proved by others. Fortunately this doesn't happen often and most of times I don't care about what others think. Everyone has a weak area, yours might be self image, weight, career, etc. Mine is definitely relating to people, especially who are close to me. Many times I'm obsessed with what my best friends think about me, whether they consider me as their best friends too. It's awful to feel like a big looser with personal relationships, feel that I'm not someone that worth their friendship and loyalty. So, that's my weak area and I'm trying hard to build confidence. And with respect to balance confidence and modesty. I think it depends. When you are with people who despise you, who consider you as inferior than them, that's when you need to be most confident. But when you're with people in the same situation as you in term of career, marriage, life, modesty is much more appreciated because then you'd be not only successful, but also loved and respected by others.
So, what's your thoughts about this?

Now, recap of the rest of week.
Thursday: yoga + work
Breakfast/Lunch/Snack: apple oats (blended green apples, steel cuts, cinnamon), pineapple muffin, peach and pasta with veggies & tofu.Dinner: last one pot mealDessert: KABOCHA!

Friday: gym + work
Breakfast: mixing bowl of greek yogurt, blueberries, oats and white fungus.and more greek yogurt with cinnamon
Lunch: sauteed veggies & tofu with pasta
Snack: peach and muffinDinner: porrridge + sauted greens + seaweed saladDessert: KABOCHA

Saturday: yoga, meet friends and went to cinema to watch Transformers which was disappointing. I liked a lot the first one but this one is just tooo long and tooo boring.
Breakfast: toasted arnold thin with LC, an egg omelet and a grapefruit.Lunch: leftover sauteed veggies and a rainbow steamed corn.Dinner: no pic (I was with my friends)

Sunday: yoga, groceries, preparing for the week (laundry, cleaing, washing all the veggies and fruits, some baking)
I know that my eats were boring lately and I found that when I spend <50 style="font-weight: bold;">a lot of salads. And also to give a break to my belly, NO Kabocha this week. I'll see if that helps with my IBS and over eating at night! oh.... I'm already missing it!!!

Breakfast: another sammie with grapefruit. And before I left for yoga, I had an apple with AB. Soooo good!!!Lunch: first pretty salad made with mix of greens, celery, tomatoes, sprouts and chickpeas. And another steamed corn (I love corns!!!) I munched on fresh strawberries and nuts during the afternoon. And spent 2.5 hours talking with a friend who lives in Germany, it was hilarious talk!!! hahaha......
Dinner: porridge, sauteed greens and zucchini with chicken and mushrooms. Dessert: Dairy free chocolate!!! Yes, it's back!!! ^_^
Question: Where is the most exotic place you've been? My friend spent two months in India. She loved it and what amazed her most was that India is totally in chaos but everything seem to work!


MizFit said...

I 100% agree!!

around here we call it a THING.

as in everyone has a thuing about which they fret or feel insecure.
it's the great equalizer.
not necessarily in a good way---but it is.

the good thing is that all our "things" arent the same so we can help one another.

(does that make sense? :) Im trying NOT to hijack yer post)

Erica said...

Hi chicky! Interesting thoughts on confidence! I think I also appear very confident and hide MOST of my insecurities very well :) I always think about this when I'm teaching my group fitness classes- do they like me? Are they having fun? Are they getting a good workout? Do I look ridiculous in this outfit? But on the outside I'm all smiles and positive energy!

LOVING the rainbow corn. I want to pick some up

Alison said...

I think a good balance of self-confidence is to neither be afraid of sharing your successes nor your faults. Not in a sense of disparaging yourself, but more of an acceptance that you're a whole person - both good and bad. That sounds kind of weird...perhaps a better way to put it is to not be afraid to talk about yourself.
Of course, that's only an external showing of self-confidence. Internally is another matter. But having external self-confidence can often lead to internal self-confidence.

Anonymous said...

I feel that it is wonderful to be confident, but no matter how confident we are, there's always something that bothers us. I think that it's perfectly normal. I feel that I am a confident person, but at times, my weak moments, I'm a mess!

It's good to love yourself. Everyone should be this way. :-)

Pearl said...

yum, coco! how do you make the dairy free chocolate pudding?

Emily said...

I think that self confidence is a mix of what you feel in public and private. I'm pretty good at appearing self confident even when I'm not. I think it's good to show insecurities sometimes because it creates community and helps you relate to others.

Krista said...

I'm not as confident as I'd like to be....it's a work in progress I guess!!

I love that corn you've been eating! It's so pretty...

Anonymous said...

I have strong thoughts about the topic of self-confidence, because I have very mixed feelings. Usually, I'm confident when I feel happy or satisfied with my life, but I have MAJOR insecurities in many areas, especially how others percieve me and whether they like me. I constantly strive to please others, but at the same time, I take it SO seriously that it hurts me very deeply if they don't appreciate my efforts or my personality. It's REALLY pathetic if I think about it, but I guess that's just the way i am...

I totally feel you - that you want your best friends to feel that you are also their best. I don't like it when people are not loyal to me, because that's the biggest insult. My mom thinks it's because I'm a Scorpio (what's your horoscope? maybe we're the same!!)...but I think it's only fair!

You have heard me gush enough about your wonderful eats...so inspiring! What do you want to do in Chicago?? We should start exchanging info. soon huh? :)

Finally...the most exotic place I've been to? hmmmm I guess i've been to a lot of places but they're not very exotic. I do love Phuket, Thailand though! The water sports, snorkeling, cheap and tasty seafood, friendly people, and sunshine always makes me happy!

Maggie said...

I definitely have issues with self confidence... I can hide it but inside I always think I'm being judged.

I might try to give kabocha a break too. I have been eating the same exact thing every day and even though I like it, I know that it's not good.

Dairy free chocolate sounds good!

Sweta said...

I just love the amazing variety of foods you have in a day!!Cool.
The most exotic place I've been to are the backwaters in God's own country-Kerala(India) and Langkawi Island in Malaysia-simply awesome places!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I am a new blog reader, and enjoy this post very much :). You are so right--there is a time to be modest and/or confident. You don't want to be over confident to those who need encouragement, and you don't want to be modest around those who are trying to show you they are better than you are. It's all about balance ;).

I don't know what you're talking about. All your meals look creative and interesting to me.

annie said...

yeah i dont know anyone that is not insecure about something! i agree with what you're saying!

i love corn too! that rainbow corn looks really pretty

Janetha said...

love the thoughts on confidence, thanks for sharing your point of view on it. i think confidence is the best quality in a person, and when you can balance confidence and modesty then you really are onto something.

sounds like things are going well for you, eats and workouts-wise!

ChickPea said...

That rainbow corn is so cool!

Anonymous said...

Hey Coco. I like your post on confidence - its a bit like what you were saying to me about how if you feel confident, you will look good! I totally agree with this outlook - confidence is a state of mind and even if you're not always 100% confident, you need to project it and think positively about yourself and your relationships.

I don't think your eats are boring at all! It will be interesting to see whether a break from kabocha helps yours IBS.

The most exotic place I've ever been to is Japan - it's like another world! I loved it. Fiji was beautiful too :-)

Julie said...

I've always had confidence issues too! Until my awesome mother would pound it in my head everyday that I need to raise my confidence. I work on it everyday and everyday I tell myself things that make me feel more confident!

I'm CONFIDENT that your food looks INSANELY good and that you're awesome girl!

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