June 10, 2009

Recap continue: eats, baking goodies and good news!

This sporadic post mode will continue! I just can't find a moment where I can sit down and write an appropriate post. sorry guys, I either post at night or have a good sleep, I know you will forgive me if I choose the later!
Weekend was fabulous.... so enjoyable and did all my to-do list. Let me do a recap of feature meals like Erica does too (I won't post all my snacks)
Saturday: yoga + nap + groceries + movie + baking
Sunday: yoga + tv + cooking/preparing for the week meal + tea with a friend
Eats:Baking goodies:Monday: gym + dentist + work (extra long)
Eatspaella that I made on weekendTuesday: yoga at home + work (1.5 hours longer than usual)
EatsUpdates of June's Challenge:
  • workout: I'm following the plan and it's getting easier and easier (I don't need the alarm to wake me up ^_^)
  • clean eating: good good! No process food! All homemade!
  • One green oat a day: almost! I guess one no-green oats a day won't hurt me! :) Because it's not a MUST kind of things to do, I didn't feel I should stick to the rule just because I set a rule. Yey~ I'm not just a rule follower, I reason sometimes! ^_^
  • Use pantry items: really good progress on this one. I used more than 3 items: baking supplies, black fungus, canned baby corns.
  • Smaller meals and dessert: I kept only one dessert after dinner, either dairy free pudding or steamed kabocha!
I'm really happy about how I'm doing with it.

Good news:
  • I'm going to Argentina again!!! Yeah~~~ I already booked the ticket for weeks to spend in the heaven with Star! ^_^
  • I'm sleeping like a baby every night!!! I'm so happy that I'm enjoying sleeping again!
  • Work is progressing well/fast, making my boss really happy!
Question: Any good news? Any travel plan?


Erica said...

So glad you're sleeping AND taking another trip to Argentina- that is so exciting! We're traveling to moreee weddings this summer and we're going to Hilton Head, SC for a week (my favorite yearly trip). Great eats- your baking looks amazing. Have a good Wednesday

Mara @ What's For Dinner? said...

WOOHOO FOR TRAVEL!!! I'm quite jealous... I'm not planning on any travel until MAYBE august if I can afford it!

Gina said...

Argentina? I'm so jealous, I would love to go there, it looks so beautiful (in pictures...). Looks like you've been busy cooking, I guess that's what it takes when you decide to go "process free", good for you!!!

My travels this summer include a trip to Lake Erie (this weekend!) but only for two days :( Then Florida in July! I'm excited, we will be there for about 5 days, I need a break!

Alison said...

I like how you broke down your days into 4 or 5 words. Short and too the point.
I'm not traveling until October, but we booked a trip to New Orleans at the end of October! And I'm planning on going to AZ in November.

Leslie Elizabeth said...

the corn on the cob looks so festive!! i love corn!

Libre loose leaf tea on the go giveaway:


Melissa @ For the Love of Health said...

You must be so excited for your trip!! That's so exciting! I have nothing planned yet.

That's also great you are sleeping well. Sleep is so important.

Congrats on all your goals!

annie said...

ooo your baked goods look sooo awesome!

yay you're going to be reunited with star again!

just me said...

yay for going to argentina again!! that is so exciting! i can't wait to see what you have and do there again!!!

and love the food overviews! the eats are totally awesome!

Sweta said...

You lucky girl-getting to go to Argentina and getting to see Star.So someone is NOT going to be singing: "Don't Cry For Me Argentina"!!!
Have fun and good to know you are sleeping well-I would have been too excited to sleep ;-)

Krista said...

I love the looks of that colourful corn on the cobb!!!

And your baking looks fab. I see you broke out your new molds....very nice, indeed.

And Argentina?! You go girl!!! I'm happy to hear you report that you're sleeping better. I good sleep makes all the difference!

Maggie said...

Yayyy you're going to see Star! I'm so happy for you. Eats look delicious as usual.

I don't have any travel plans, but my mom just came in late last night! So happy :)

janetha said...

argentina!! NICE! i have always wanted to go there. fun! love that corn, it is so appealing to the eye! not too many fun trips planned for me, just lake powell at the end of summer and a wedding in seattle. i need to get planning. probably will hit up belize in december though. loved all your foodie photos! xoxo

Anonymous said...

I've never seen corn on the cob that colour before, it looks beautiful.

I have no holiday plans as yet :(

Gina said...

Too much fiber? Well, the phytates in fiber can actually impede the absorption of some very important minerals: Calcium and iron. So, while fiber is great, too much isn't good. Too much would be more than 40 grams ( in my opinion). This is hard to do. If you think you eat more than that, make sure you are getting plenty of iron and calcium in your diet!

Jessica said...

I like your june goals, I need to use more of MY pantry items!

That's wonderful news about your trip- I would loove to go to argentina!

Emily said...

eats look lovely.
glad things are going well!

i will post about my breakfast cookies soon, although i never measure anything!

meg said...

Yeah for all your good news! Your eats look yummy as always and those baked goods look fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Glad you get to go back to Argentina!!

That corn on the cob looks amazing - never seen one like that before.

No trips - too many doctor bills this year!

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