July 1, 2009

Crazy coco~~~ ^_^

Hey people!!! Here I present the crazy Coco, who woke up with the idea of a getaway to somewhere ALONE and booked the ticket and hotel couple of hours later!!! Yeah~~~ I’m going to NYC this weekend!
This kind of really last minute trip isn’t normal for me (I’ve never done it). I just feel like needing a break from the planned life, to get out of the main course of life and let life to surprise me. Of course, nothing happens without a reason. The inspiration is actually from my childhood friend Mara, who I talked last Sunday by phone for almost 3 hours. She has always been inspiration to me. Many important decisions of my life were influenced by her somehow. We haven’t seen each other for more than 3 years and haven’t talked for more than a year, but when there’s true friendship, no matter how distance, how long we don’t talk each other, we still speak the same language and share the same sense of humor. And that feels AMAZING!!! If everyone has a soul mate in life, she’s definitely mine. Mara, I love you so much!!!
Anyway, she told me about her last trip to India and I was amazed that they didn’t have any plan before they went there, no hotel booking, no tour, not even knowing what they’ll do there for 2 months. But they just went there with a guide and adventurist spirit. I was happy for her being able to do that and I thought I would never do that because I need a plan, a schedule, a routine, otherwise I feel lost. But the next day, I began to wonder: do I really need a plan to function? What if I try to get lost for once? What if I just follow my instincts? Once the idea got into my mind, I couldn’t get away from it. As I think about it more, I got more excited about the idea. Well…. Then, here I am, ready to get LOST!!! Although not for 2 months and not in an exotic place like India. But 3 days in NYC by myself is a good enough for the first experience.
Oh…. Man! I’m soooo excited!!! Can you feel my excitement already? I bet you do! So, now I need to ask you, where should I go/do/eat in NYC? Not the conventional touristic places because I’ve been there four times already. Or what would you do if you had the chance to get lost in NYC?

Okay. Now back to some exciting food!!! Yeah~~~ I'm being more creative with food since my last groceries trip.
Monday: Swim + yoga
I didn't have time to have breakfast at home after swimming, so extra packing for the day.
Beautiful salad made with greens, tomatoes, celery, beets, chickpeas, mushrooms and half avocado (I found this convenient frozen avocado in Tj's) with Annie's dressing.
Strawberries, apricots, yogurt, pineapple muffin, banana oatmeal squares that I made on Sunday, kamut (they're as chewy as wheat berries) as yogurt topping, low fat plain yogurt.
Dinner was yummy: tenderloin with some veggies and kale chips.Dessert was even better: dairy free chocolate pudding (recipe here) with raspberries.
Tuesday: gym + work
Breakfast: I was craving green monster but still concerned about eating raw spinach So i first steamed it with some water in the microwave, discharge the water and used it in the smoothie. So I used: 2-3 big handful of spinach, 1 handful of celery, a frozen banana and 1 cup almond milk.IT was soooooooo good together with a banana oatmeal square topped with AB.
Can you see the walnuts in there? These are so good!!!
Lunch/snack: another beautiful salad, some ingredients except instead of avocado as topping, a boiled egg and walnuts. Apricots, yogurt, blueberries, kamut and more banana oatmeal square.
Dinner: ginger sesame marinated fish, sauteed veggies and porridge.
Beautiful dessert:
Question: How's your week so far? What's your plan for the long weekend?


Erica said...

Your raspberries look so fresh! Totally delicious. And baked banana anything is amazing- great squares!

GOOD for you for planning this random trip- I bet you will have an absolute blast! We are Hilton Head bound on Friday and I cannot wait! I need a break!!!!

Gina said...

Oh man, that food all looks so good. KAle chips? I love it. The porl tenderloin also looks great, I love pork so much.

You'll have a blast in NY, it's just so big and there is so much to do!!

This week I plan on working on my thesis and then on Saturday Nick and I are having ribs on the grill with my parents!

just me said...

oh man, how exciting! i love planning impromptu trips like that! i've been to NYC once but didn't get to experience much of it as I was there for a grand total of 10 hrs. hehe. but have a blast babe!!!

Fitnessista said...

nyc! ahhhh i love it there! i would live there if i could :D please go to pure food and wine for me and eat some raw ice cream!!

Krista said...

You can freeze avocado? YES!!!

Good on you for taking a spur of the moment vacay. I'd love to be able to do that but it's too tough with small kids. When they grow up I plan on doing lots of travelling. Can't wait to hear all about the trip

Oat squares look awesome!

Emily said...

Hope you have a great trip in NYC! I wish I could just pack up and take adventures whenever. Make sure you see a Broadway show while you're there! :-)

Anonymous said...

woohoo! i love it! new york city is the perfect place for a last minute trip. have a great time girlie!

Rachel said...

How spontaneous and exciting! I love the idea of "getting lost in NYC". I know you'll have such an adventure! I can't wait to hear all about it.

All your eats look so delicious, especially the salads and those oatmeal squares!

Much love,

Caitlin said...

Your trip sounds so exciting, how fun to be so spontaneous! I've always wanted to take a solo trip (especially after books like "Eat, Pray, Love") but never have done it. Have fun getting lost:)

Maggie said...

Ooooo enjoy the trip!! I love just walking in NYC. What area are you staying in? If you're on the upper east side I like just wandering and looking at pretty clothes. If you're down by union square, check out the farmers' market and walk up 5th avenue for some cutesy boutiques. You should see a play too!

Janetha said...

wow i love your spontaneity! that will be so fun. while traveling with friends and fam is fun, i like to adventure on my own sometimes.. there is something fabulous about being somewhere new all by yourself, it forces you to swallow the culture and meet new people. you will have a blast!

you gotta post the banana oatmeal square recipe!

been a good family filled week for me so far, and looking forward to my first 10k this weekend, yikes!

ttfn300 said...

ooh, so yummy! your eats always make me hungry :)

i haven't been to nyc in awhile, but whatever you do, i'm sure you'll have a blast!!

Anonymous said...

Wow Coco! Way to go! you're so brave to just order a trip to NYC!
I've been there lots of times, but you've GOT to check out their Metropolitan Museum, and their MoMA and of course Chinatown, and obviously Times Square! And Pure Food and Wine! I heard they have amazingly good raw ice cream!

Alison said...

Great food! I love the salad with egg and the fish!

You'll have so much fun in NYC! My weekend is in flux. You can read the details on my blog. We may be going to Duluth, but probably not.

ChickPea said...

Cool! I've never seen frozen avocado before.

Anonymous said...

Coco, I'm going to Europe and the US and haven't really booked anything either! Only my flights. No accommodation, no tours... nothing. I'm actually really excited about living in the moment and just seeing where things take me! I want to meet new people are not be set in some kind of rigid plan which means I can't change what I'm doing. I can understand how you feel though - its really hard to not plan. But it's so freeing at the same time. I've never been to NY and will be going there for the first time in September so can't really help you. I have no idea where I'll be eating there! So yeah, I'm pretty happy to read that you're going out on a limb too :-)

Delicious eats Coco. The oatmeal squares look divine! Do you have a recipe posted for those?

Gina said...

Be sure to check out my post from today so you can get the answer to your supplement question :) It's way at the bottom!

Btw, cedar point is very similar to six flags, but much better :)

The Dainty Pig said...

good job on planning a trip away coco!! that is so exciting :)
I have never been to new york, but I have always wanted to go.

Have fun checking out all the great restaurants!!


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