December 14, 2008

Is it sunday night already??????? grrrrrr.......... Help needed!

I had to ask twice to Savannah whether is it Sunday night already? I can't believe my weekend is over. I think because I worked yesterday, I only had one day for relax, which is way to short. Okay, one more week to go until I fly back home.

I woke up at 6am (so glad that my almost 8 hours of sleep is back). Prepared a very blue bowl of breakfast
  • 1/2 cup multigrain
  • 1/2 cup almond breeze chocolate
  • 1/2 banana
  • 1/2 cup frozen blueberries
  • 1/4 Tj's high fiber
  • 1/4 cup oatmeal beverage
I missed my colorful oatmeal.
I was supposed to have my favorite yoga session this morning. Totally excited after one week of no yoga, I drove down to the yoga studio to find out that the class was canceled. I can't believe it!!!! They just canceled this morning. I was about to argue with the receptionist, but it took me just one second to decide not to, because I was sure that Kim canceled it because of something urgent. And as we're human, we all have urgent issue to take care of. So, I just walked out and called Savannah that I was heading home and we'll have a home session of yoga. ^_^
Oh..I had a big spoon of PB before I left home.Lunch was 2 dishes and one soup.
Bambo-chicken stir fry
Stir fry spinach and mushroomsSeaweed egg soupAnd rice
A nutritious, balanced and delicious meal.
We went to shopping mall but didn't got anything interesting, went to Tj's for Fage supply (no food was needed since both of us are going home in less than a week, so just clean the fridge and pantry).
Back home, starving, I made a sammie mess with apple, Tj's High Fiber and oatmeal beverage with tons of cinnamon. mmmmmmm........ so good!!!
Savannah wanted to have pizza for dinner, so pizza we had. And some lentil soup.topping: broccoli and eggplant, sauce and cheese.
Dessert: FAGE + Cinnamon. The most amazing and simplest dessert ever!
I still can't believe that it's Sunday night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~~~~~~ grrrrrrrrrrrrrr............

After thinking and discussing with my mom about my birthday, which is Dec 25th, yes it's on the Christmas day (fortunately people in China don't celebrate it), I decided to hold a party at home with family. And I will cook a non-Chinese meal for them, since there is no good western food in Shanghai, I thought it will nice they could try something different. I decided to do that because I am sure that's the way to make me happy on my birthday, spend great time with all people I love, give them good food and cook a lot of delicious dishes!!!!

So, I need your help. I need appetizer/dip/dessert/meal ideas for a buffet for around 15 persons. Preferably if I can prepare one day before the party.
You can send me either by email or leave as comment! I'd really appreciate any suggestion.


VeggieGirl said...

The day definitely went by quickly!!

For the food to feed all those people = how about a vegetable & hummus platter or something?? Those always please everyone!! :-)

Simple and Divine said...

BISCOTTI! I make Giada's Holiay Biscotti all the time and bring them to everything! They are so much fun to make, SO EASY, and you can easily double/triple the recipe!

OHHH and if you want my Mama's Recipe for Chocolate Kahlua Cake (THE BEST!) I will be MORE than happy to give it to you, Darling Heart! It's the EASIEST recipe! Send me a facebook message and I'll hook that cute lil ass up!

Appetizers? VG's idea of veggie/hummus platter is fab!! I also like putting together fruit and cheese platters for appetizers! SO CHEAP AND FAB! Put together Endive Leaves, some Gorgonzola (I HATE, but others LOOOVE), and a Block of TOP QUALITY (WF has impecable parm) Parmesan and make a Balsamic Reduction. Serve with Pear Slices, Apple Slices, Grapes and it is GORGEOUS and YOUR DONE! Ohhh and serving a sharp chedder works, too! I like things that have variety and are fun! And I take some of the block(s) of cheese(s) myself, and rustically cut off some chunks, and then put the knive on there and let others do it as they want it. Orrr I'll do Grape, cheese, Grape Cheese (Pear-cheese-pear-cheese) (apple-cheese... you get the pitcha!) on toothpicks (the ones that look like swords are adorable), and let ppl dip into the balsamic reduction, too. It's nice to give them some ideas for what to do with your apps! Looooove <3

Simple and Divine said...

Ohh and by the way, can I come over so you can prepare for me THE BEAUTIFUL AND FRESH Chinese food that you make for yourself! So light and divine, I wish I had YO FLARE!

Krista said...

That bamboo chicken looks SO good!

Wei Tou said...

Hehe:) as alwasy, Hummus would be gooooood.

HangryPants said...

Cupcakes make a fun dessert!

Anonymous said...

I think it's really cool that YOU want to give to your family on YOUR birthday. You're so sweet and giving! I'll think about an appetizer dish...and btw, I think your lunch looks amazing. :)

Juliet said...

Your breakfast was really purple. :)

Fage and cinnamon. Yum!! So easy, I need to try that! :)

Madison Song said...

I'll be thinking of a dish - if I come up with one I'll let you know!

And that is my question too...Is it sunday night already!??!?! nooooo

haha, such is life. Hopefully the next weekend will come soon!

Balance, Joy and Delicias! said...

Julia: you're so fun!!! hahahaa.... Thanks for great ideas. Definitely I'll make a veggie/hummus plate!It's the simplest and yummiest appetizer ever. I'm not sure about the fruit & cheese (which I love it) because I'm not sure whether they'd like cheese at all (there's no cheese in China).

And of course, whenever you want to come to visit me or stop by DC, I'd love to prepare for you some good chinese dishes!

Anonymous said...

YES!!! This weekend went by too fast! Great eats, girl!

As for food for your birthday, I would do a baked dish. Maybe lasagna? I guess that's not very western though, is it?! Ha! I always find a casserole is easier to prepare ahead of time and can feed a large group. If I think of anything else, I will let you know!

Anonymous said...

I love this recipe from!

Baked artichoke dip!

magpie said...

I love your Chinese food :)

Hmm... appetizer. I will think about it. I like the veggie and hummus platter idea. I'll get back to you!

Maria said...

I agree, go with hummus! It is a real crowd pleaser! I like making cookie platters too! Our blog has tons of cookie recipes!! Happy Birthday in advance:)

Pearl said...

Chinese food looks great!

For dessert - you could bake cheesecake, but that seems to be pretty popular in asian countries. but you can prepare it the day before and put it in the fridge :)

hummus & vegetable sounds great, or maybe some quesadillas? bacon wrapped figs/dates have been said to be amazing, but i've never made them nor had them so i don't know.. hehe.

have a great time in shanghai though!

lauren said...

delicious eats! My favorite appetizer is baked brie in crescent dough wtih pecans and brown sugar! yum.

Erica said...

First of all - Love the Sammie mess! Happy Early Birthday! I am so excited that you get to go home soon! I agree with Veggie Girl ont he app- veggies and hummus is always a winner! You could also do a black bean dip ( would also go nice with Veggies. For dinner - I'm all for bakes with big crowds. I post all of those pasta bakes a couple days ago- one of them would be perfect.

Dessert- What about an apple crisp or cupcakes?

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