November 19, 2008

eeeeeeeeeearly bird again!

Well.... I woke up at 4.3o am this morning and it wasn't enough sleep for me (6 hours) so I got up, tried with my old trick (feed myself to get more sleep) with a cup of almond breeze chocolate and 3 mini pita (1st round) and H2H (2nd round).
Unfortunately the trick didn't work this time. After 30 min trying, I failed and decided to get up anyway.
Obviously after those munches, my appetite for breakfast was gone. But I can't begin to work properly without breakfast (something more psychological than physiological), so I had oatmeal anyway
  • 1/3 cup old wessex
  • 1/3 cup almond breeze chocolate
  • 1/2 banana
  • 1 tbsp wheat berries
  • 1/2 tbsp flax meal
And two coffees!
I worked from 7-12.30, with trail mix as snack.
Lunch was a quick assembling of leftovers. 1 cup of rice + 1 cup of Brussels sprouts + leftover chili from last night+1/2 piece of baked tofu.
Dessert: 1/3 ricotta + 1 tsp PB.
I tried to have nap, but I think I only slept for 15 min or so. grrrrrrrrrr...........

This afternoon I was trying to concentrate on work but it's so hard without enough sleep.
Snack: H2H+marrocs+trail mix (no pic!)
The only good thing today was:
Yeah~~ I got my new heart-monitor and the very popular Barney Almond Butter!!!~~~~
I just had super simple and light dinner since I'm going to 7.30pm yoga class.
1 slice of Tj's 3 seeds bread + 2 mini pita + 2 tbsp hummus + 1/2 portion of veggie ricotta pudding. (I might eat something more when I come back)
I hope the candlelight vinyasa yoga will help me to sleep well tonight.

Such a day! Such a post! Sorry if I bored you guys. Hope you had a better day than mine!


VeggieGirl said...

Great eats, as usual!!

The smoothie glass in your first photograph - is that from Crate & Barrel??? If so, then we own the same glasses :-)

Hooray for yoga!!

Enjoy your night!!

Sharon said...

Oh wow, Barney almond butter is in cool packets? That is so nice for transporting!!

just me said...

ah, jealous of the barney butter!! wish i could find those little packets!

great eats!!!

I am Angie Pooh said...

Sorry about your sleep! I hate when I can't sleep :-/ I love all your eats though.. especially the cute mini pitas!!! Hehe.

I really want a heart rate monitor. Yours looks awesome. Hope you get some rest tonight!!<3

jess said...

Those seem like great surprises- hopefully the yoga will calm you enough to have a great nights sleep... or maybe having a substantial snack Before bed. Often when I wake up it's to have a snack so that I can go back to sleep too, so maybe that would help?

Sweet dreams!

Juliet said...

Can you tell us more about your almond butter? I've never heard of it.

Balance, Joy and Delicias! said...

Liz: yes, I think we have the same glass. It's so cute, perfect for the amount of my daily coffee.

Sharon, just me: Barney Butter comes in small package now, it's quite now. I ordered it online!

Jess: I agree with you, snacks help to sleep, unfortunately not always work.

Juliet: when I try it, I'll do the review.

Anonymous said...

OH! I love my F6!
your food looks beautiful

Anonymous said...

Hey girl! I hope you were able to get some sleep! Candlelight yoga sounds fabulous!! Very relaxing of the mind + body! :)

Erica said...

I love your eats. I can't believe you got up soooo early! Again- I am lovin the use of ricotta!

Maria said...

I always wake up early too!
Your question about the crepes...I am sure you could make a bunch and freeze them. They are really good!! Let me know if you try it!

Anonymous said...

4:30? eeeeeeeeeeeek.
How is the chocolate almond milk? I've been trying to find a yummy chocolate flavored drink... I don't like the soy variety.
And omg. I tried Barney butter for the first time this weekend; it is unbelievable!!!!
And no, your post is definitely nothing close to boring. It's actually very extremely interesting and I enjoyed reading it very much. Keep it up! :)

TheBoyfriend1124 said...

I think the most imoport is to relax your mind in order to sleep well. If you can try to keep your brain blank when you are lying in the bed it will be helpful.

Your food always have some change, and your new heart monitor looks beautiful, I hope it will make you enjoy more your sports.

Be relax,and have a good rest....

Anonymous said...

I hope you enjoyed your vinyasa class!!! Its my fave, and I always sleep well afterwards!

Anonymous said...

PS: My only secret is my camera, a Canon 5D. Its amazing, thankfully so because I'm always in a rush when I'm photographing my food!

HangryPants said...

I bet yoga will make you feel so much better!

The ricotta PB combo sounds yummy!

Just Me said...

Yum.. barney butter, I have heard so much about them I requested a sample, I cant wait until they arrive. Your meals always look not only delicious but pretty

Erica said...

Hi again :) That is SO exciting that your weekend begins at noon tomorrow!! Hoooorayyy! No real plans here. I have to teach at the gym on Saturday other than that? Relax? I want to go to a nearby farm to check out their produce!

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