January 21, 2009

more home eats and gifts for the little girl! ~~

Before I begin to show you some more home eats, I'd like to show you gifts that I received from The boyfriend for my birthday. I'm so glad that I'm The little girl for him forever (we're been together for seven years already). He loves to buy me gifts for no reasons, especially toys for little girl. As I love pinky piggies, you'll see a lot of pigs! :D

Aren't they lovely?
okay. some pic of food.
This was one day that I craved oatmeal.. so I made a bowl of Old Wessex 5 grains with milk and dragon fruit.
This a typical chinese breakfast. Made with fermented glutinous rice and eggs.
the ingredientsAnd the delicious resultFor main meals
salted fish steamed with duck eggs
soy beans and pork feet soup
pork with chinese leeks
eggplant casserole
sweet and savory shrimpstir-fry veggies: bamboo, mushrooms and carrots
fish head soup with a type of jelly-like sheet pasta made from bean or sweet potato starchthe whole fest
I know it's a lot of food, but that's what I had in every single meal~~~~~ hahhaa..... be jealous of me! I love having tons of great meals made by my dearest mom, I love enjoying eating until so stuffed that I can barely move... I love falling into sleep after the great meal~~~~~ hahaha..... I'm such a lazy little pig and so proud of it!

Hope you guys are having great time celebrating the inauguration! ^_^


VeggieGirl said...

Aww, so incredibly sweet!!

ttfn300 said...

such amazing food! it's nice to be spoiled by mom :)

Selba said...

I love furry toys! :)

Meg said...

Sweet gift from the boyfriend! Love all the eats, especially the shrimp.

Sara said...

Cute gift! All the food looks so interesting and delicious.

marissa said...


HangryPants said...

You know, I eat a lot of soy products, but I don't think I've ever had actual soy beans!

Michelle said...

oh how I love Chinese food! Thanks for those great pictures! Your momma cooks alotta food my mom cooks too and it's SOOO good, especially the prawns and the bean noodles. :) Where in Asia do you live exactly?

Maria said...

Love the gift and looks like a good day of food too!

Anonymous said...

Love all the loot!

But you lost me at pigs feet soup! :D

Anonymous said...

Piggies galore! That looks like a common night for Asian folks. Lots of variety.

Anonymous said...

What a sweet man! I love the presents! Ya'll have been together for awhile - us too (8 years this March). Isn't security the best?!
Come home soon!

Balance, Joy and Delicias! said...

Michelle: I live in Shanghai.

Anonymous said...


and the food looks SOOOO goooood!!!! i miss asia :( i miss missss youu and counting down the days til you get back!!!!

dragonfruit <3

Maggie said...

The presents are soooososo cute! I love it when Bobby gets me stuff like that :D

Juliet said...

Oh my gosh. Those are so cute! :)

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